Music is what heals everybody. Listening to music has been much easier. There are many music streaming apps which include Spotify, Apple Music and others. One app that started this entire revolution was SoundCloud. Even today, SoundCloud remains as one of the top music streaming apps and is also known as the “Hub of Underground Music”. Lots of musicians upload their singles, EPs and Albums on SoundCloud. Now with the availability of the “SoundCloud Pro” feature, if you have a high number of followers on your account, you will have an orange sign on the side of your SoundCloud name. 

It can be a difficult process to gain thousands of followers on your SoundCloud today. Working day and night and giving it your all may sometimes not be worth it if you have only 50 followers on your account. Now with the availability to buy SoundCloud followers, you get real followers instantly that will listen to and support your music. 

Getting Followers on SoundCloud

You have just put out some new music on SoundCloud. However, you do not have enough followers on your account. What can be some of the best ways to get more followers? Take a look.

How being original makes a difference

When you are releasing your music, always release original music. Your originality makes you different. This way, people will want to listen to your music and how different you are from the other artists who are already out there.

How Social Media helps your Music

Now is the time that you take advantage of Social Media apps like Instagram and Facebook and other apps. Share your music as much as possible. Send your music to all your friends and remind them to follow you on your SoundCloud. The more you share your music on Social Media, the more are the chances of your music to be heard by a new audience and many more people. 

The Description and Title of your Songs

The title of your songs should be relevant. You will notice that when you are uploading your music on SoundCloud, you will find a portion where you can describe your track. This way tells the audience what the song is about and how it connects with you. This way the audience feels closer to you and they would want to stay more connected to you.

Blogs featuring your Music

Send your music to all music bloggers that you can think of. Music blogs are an incredible way of your music to be discovered by more people. Music bloggers receive such emails from musicians always, hence when you send them a message, describe your track and give a little message to explain what the song means to you. Often you may be rejected, but keep working towards getting featured.

Buying SoundCloud followers

As mentioned before, it can be very difficult to get followers, likes and shares on your songs. This has been made easier with the option to buy SoundCloud followers. However, you must choose trusted companies and websites like Jaynike that will not only give you the desired number of followers instantly but also respect your privacy and are always available for any kind of customer support

These few factors as mentioned above are some of the key points that can help an artist to not only grow in terms of numbers but also be heard by millions much sooner.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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