These are some valuable tips and tricks, plus an essential product that will help you perfect your photos. 

Lighting is Essential

Lighting is everything. It is the best natural filter that can help you achieve that glow in any photo! If you have incorrect lighting in a selfie, it could make you look like a completely different person due to the strange shadows that can occur. That is why knowing how to use light in your selfies is essential and having a few additional tools like this selfie ring light with a tripod stand and phone holder can also set you up for success!

Utilize Natural Light

Instead of snapping that selfie in your dark bathroom, head to the brightest window in your home. Natural, diffused light provides the perfect softness to highlight a beautiful face! However, be aware of the time of day it is when trying to snap a selfie. If the sun is directly overhead, this could prevent the light from shining through your windows. Also, dusk, or the “golden hour,” can be an excellent time to take selfies for a golden sheen. 

Don’t Forget About Your Background

The backdrop you choose for your selfie can make more of an impact than you may believe. A dark backdrop can weigh your photo down through the contrast and by creating shade. A light background will aid in the brightness of your image and ensure the highest quality. 

Pay Attention to the Angle of Your Light

The best light to use for a selfie should hit your face at eye level. If you have a light that comes from above or below your face, this could cause undesirable shadows. Use what you have at your disposal. If your only light source is on the ceiling, turn upwards and take your photo from above. If you have a lovely bright lamp in your house, position this right behind your phone as you take the selfie. If you want an extra boost to your selfie game that provides the absolute best eye-level light, purchase a selfie ring light.

Use a Selfie Ring Light 

If you don’t have the availability of natural light or your home is too dark, choose a selfie ring light. A radiantly illuminated face is what you’ll receive using this professional tool.  The circular design of the light provides shadowless lighting for your selfies, YouTube videos, or live streams. If you need something more portable, there are also ring lights for phones that clip right onto your cell phone.


Tilt Your Face

Everyone’s face is different. You may want to accentuate your cheekbones while someone else would like to highlight their jaw. Showcasing an aspect of yourself all be done with the angle you tilt your face. After perfecting your lighting, move your face around and see how it looks when held at different angles. Choose the angle that you like best! 

Be Careful with Flash

Although flash can be great for illuminating things in the dark, it is generally not the best for selfies. Usually, it can create the red eyes effect and overall make faces look scary. However, if you’re not in a dark location, flash could potentially be your friend and remove any slight shadowing on your face. Be careful but try out flash and see if it can work for you!

Use Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is an incredible photo setting on iPhones. The photos it allows you to take are crisp and clear. It automatically blurs out the background and makes the subject of the image the highlight. With the proper lighting, portrait mode could be the best setting for your selfies. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

You are the most familiar with your face and your home! Try out different locations, different lighting, and different angles or poses. Sometimes, it can be frustrating snapping a selfie over and over to eventually not like any of the photos you’ve taken. However, don’t let this discourage you! Keep trying, as every photo you take helps to build your selfie-taking skills. Consider purchasing the handy ring light with a tripod mentioned above if your current lighting is not cutting it! 

Get Creative! 

Taking selfies shouldn’t be a dull, complex process – have fun! You could add an exciting twist to your photos by adding accessories that your perfect lighting will make pop. You could add things such as flowers in your hair, cool glasses, a stylish hat, or blingy jewelry. You could also set up the perfect area for your selfies by positioning your light source just right and hanging up a sheet up to act as your neutral, bright backdrop! 


Choose a bright light that is at eye level. Don’t go for the most expensive ring light or start searching for photography/videography grade lighting. To start your lighting journey and improve your photos, opt for a mid-range ring light. These offer everything you need and if in the future you require more custom lighting for your images you can invest at a later date. 

Now that you have the proper knowledge, start taking those selfies! 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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