Most users are holding onto their mobile devices for a longer period of time, often waiting years before splashing out the ever increasing costs for a new device which is ultimately similar to the previous year’s model – whether looking to play games as many players click here for the best, to watch movies, or to lead a more social life, there are different features that make up the latest mobile upgrades, so what should be at the top of the shopping list when considering the change, and is the cost of upgrading for these features worth it in the end?

One of the features that have seen the most change recently have come from the display – not only have they made advancements in density and size, but also in speed of display too as 120hz mobile displays are becoming more common. This offers a much smoother experience when using the phone on a day-to-day basis but where it could really shine is the future of mobile gaming when framerates increase, and these faster displays will give a smoother experience here too. It’s a noticeable change, and certainly shouldn’t be one passed up on if a new device offers it.

Battery life is something that hasn’t seen much change over the years and newer flagships have even come with the suggestion that a smaller battery could be on the horizon – with smaller displays and other hardware changing this may not have much of an impact battery life as a whole but picking a device that does excel here could make quite the difference too. Removable and expandable batteries aren’t around anymore, and most modern devices even punish users trying to implement third party hardware which is one of the bigger downsides to the latest options.

Finally comes the options for expansion and usability too – the removal of external storage capacity hit some users quite hard and most devices don’t have this feature anymore – similarly the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of using the charging port as the headphone slot instead was met with plenty of mixed response, it isn’t so much an issues with wireless earbuds these days but for those that still rely on wired earbuds or like to charge whilst also using wired options this is still something that could be considered mandatory.

When spending nearly $2,000 on a new device it’s important to tick all of the boxes, particularly when holding onto a device for quite some time too and will have to keep these same features for some time – and since most modern devices don’t change too much, these features will stick around for some time yet.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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