Every tech person wants to keep their computer safe and away from viruses. Sometimes, it just gets out of our hands, and boom a virus hits in and we just cannot explain how it came by. These are unfortunate situations that no one wants to come by. 

Ways to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

There are numerous ways to protect our computers especially because they are expensive gadgets and most of the time bought for a purpose. Below are eight tips to protect our computers from viruses. 

Keep your software up to date

Updating software’s often is a good way to protect your computer from viruses. It is important to keep checking if your software is up to date. Some of the software that comes with Windows computers are Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), adobe reader, google chrome, and Microsoft internet explorer. 

As for the Mac computers, some of the software applications are Mac iOS operating system, VLC, google chrome, and adobe acrobat dc.

Don’t click on links within emails

Having a look at the emails that one receives in all folders, some from unknown people, one will come across links. The subject of the email may be enticing but you would not know the content of it. The good thing is not clicking on the link and by doing this, you will be protecting your computer

Back up your computer

There are various ways in which one can back their computer. One could back up the content on their computer by having a dropbox account or a google drive. Backing up a computer helps one still have access to his or her content even a computer crashes or in cases where it gets lost or stolen. Most of the back-up solutions for computers are free of charge. 

All you will need is internet connectivity to for example open up a dropbox account. Dropbox comes in with ample space for starters. The good thing is that their marketing strategy is inviting people to open up a dropbox account and they gift you with extra storage space. As for google drive, all you need is a google account and one has a google drive through that. 

To get more on how to back up backup your computer, you should read this article. Backing up gives space, where one can save their work assignments, reports, school work, photos, movies, and all that one may need for future references.

Use free antivirus software 

Antivirus software is that which is designed to detect and later destroy computer viruses. Various antivirus software’s are in the market, some are free, others one has to purchase. As one looks out for the best antivirus software to get for their computer, you can trust Norton antivirus

Norton antivirus is the antimalware software that runs on macOS, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. It will detect viruses on your computer stop malware attacks that comprise spyware, Trojan horses, and worms from causing harm and getting into it. and keep. Besides, it has special features for email spam filtering and phishing protection. Just like any other antivirus, Norton antivirus will scan your computer constantly and block anything that could bring harm to it immediately.

Use a strong password

A password is key to have for your computer. Passwords help in enabling users to do just what they ought to do and not maneuver where they ought not to. To protect your computer from viruses it is good to have a strong password. A strong password generally should be something that is not too obvious to guess it’s your password but something memorable as well It should comprise of a mix of numbers, symbols, and letters.

Minimize downloads 

To protect your computer from getting viruses, try and minimize what you download. Download just what is necessary and is for use. One way to ensure this is done is by ensuring your web browser’s security settings are high to enable them to detect unauthorized downloads. 


To keep your computer away from viruses, ensure that you follow the eight tips highlighted in this article. The eight tips are keeping your software up to date, not clicking on the links within your emails, backing up your computer, making use of free antivirus software, using strong passwords, and minimizing what you download.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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