Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans always look forward to a new drop of cases. In the early days of the first-person shooter, Valve used to be pretty generous with case releases. However, since 2017, they’ve limited the release schedule to a handful of new cases each year. Nonetheless, these cases have all added up to an amazing repertoire of items to pimp out your arsenal. While these skins won’t have an impact on your CSGO scores, they’re a must if you want to set yourself apart from other players. 

Looking to get your hands on some new weapon skins? We’ve picked out some of the best CS:GO cases you should be opening this year. Some will add color to combat, while others can help you turn a small profit on the skin resale market.

5. Clutch Case 

Despite being released back in February 2018, the Clutch Case has continued to prove popular with CSGO players. Some of the contents of the Clutch Case remain some of the most sought-after skins of all time. While the Clutch Case Gloves are the main draw here, there are some fierce weapon upgrades you’ll want to get your hands on. Standouts include the Aloha update of the SG 553, as well as the AWP Mortis and M4A4 Neo-Noir.

4. Gamma Case

The Gamma Case is one of the oldest around, having launched in June 2016. Although it’s long in the tooth, there’s a lot to love about this old-school collection. The big lure here is the prospect of an ultra-rare knife skin like the Gamma Doppler. While the odds are low of actually finding one, you can look forward to excellent resale value. However, it’s not just bladed weapons included in the Gamma Case. The P250 Iron Clad and P90 Chopper skins are also up for grabs.

3. Recoil Case

The Recoil Case is a fairly new addition to the CSGO arsenal. Released in July 2022, this update included the AWP Chromatic Aberration. If you’re looking to make a profit from your skins, this cover sniper rifle can net you a seriously impressive return.

2. Falchion Case

Looking for something that won’t break the bank? The Falchion Case was released back in 2015 alongside Operation Bloodhound, but it comes loaded with goodies that are still popular today. It’s also a budget-friendly choice. This case offers a healthy selection of SMG, covert rifle, and pistol upgrades. The SG 553 Cyrex and AK-47 Aquamarine Revenge are the real standouts here.

1. Revolution Case

The Revolution Case is one of the newest additions to CSGO, having landed in February 2023. For many fans, this update was long overdue, with the previous case dropping way back in July 2022. You’ll find some nifty glove skins previously released as part of the Clutch Case, but it’s the weapon skins you’ll really want. The M4A4 Temukau and UMP-45 Wild Child will make colorful additions to any arsenal. This case is also rich in slick sidearms. The P2000 Wicked Sick, R8 Revolver, and P250 Re.built are all bound to become firm favorites. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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