Yes, the new generation is already here, and perhaps off to a somewhat rocky start. So now is the perfect time to look back on what is effectively the last year of the PlayStation 4, and appreciate in what fashion the technology is finally being put to rest.

Of course, it will be some time still before the PS4 is technically obsolete, and it hasn’t really been the best year for exclusives. But nevertheless, let’s take a look at 2020, and some of the stand out titles that act as a final goodbye. Then get ready for what 2021 has to offer

The Last Of Us 2

Yes, we know that this is possibly one of the most divisive titles in video game history. We also appreciate that, for the most part, the negative reception is largely due to plot elements, as opposed to actual gameplay.

In terms of the technical aspects, The Last Of Us 2 is nothing short of incredible. What has been achieved here, on hardware that is essentially completely out of date, is nothing short of a miracle. The sheer levels of obscene detail on display, from ice cracking under a horse’s hooves, to the near movie level quality of the facial animations, this is a truly remarkable achievement.

With that being said, yes, some pretty questionable moments played out in the plot, seeming as if the developers were almost begging for controversy. Love it or hate it, The Last Of Us 2 is impressive, and a fine note to mark the end of console’s life.

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Ghost Of Tsushima

If The Last Of Us 2 rubbed you the wrong way, you might instead want to stick with Ghost Of Tsushima. With a far less controversial storyline, but just as much achieved in terms of the technical aspects, this is probably the top tier 2020 release for the PS4.

It might not exactly have broken new ground in terms of gameplay, and can indeed be referred to as a Japanese themed Assassin’s Creed, but really, the Assassin’s Creed series was never this polished, or gloriously indulgent as far as culture is concerned. There really is no going wrong with Ghost Of Tsushima, and if you haven’t already picked it up, do so at your earliest convenience.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Not technically a PS4 exclusive, since it is due for a PC release, but like we said; it was a slow year for exclusives. 

Where to start with this one? Many were infuriated that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is in fact, only a remake of a first fifth of the original, without it ever being made clear in the marketing. More to the point; it was the first fifth of the game dragged out into the length of a full game, meaning that you can expect more than a little pointless grinding.

With that being said; wow. Seeing a classic game transformed into a gloriously modern cinematic extravaganza by developers is indeed a sight to behold. We can’t guarantee you’ll like it, if not having played the original, but it is certainly worth a look, even if just for the stunningly detailed character models.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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