The world is ever-changing and that includes the workspace. Going back ten to twenty years, most people worked at a desk in an office. Today, many people opt to work full time from home. It’s no surprise that the idea is catching on. There are many advantages to working from home. Listed below are a few jobs you can pursue from the comfort of your home. 

Massage Therapist

If you want a career that puts you in direct contact with your clients, becoming a massage therapist can prove very rewarding. You use your hands and learn massage techniques to ease chronic pain, improve flexibility and mobility in clients. A massage therapist can work from their home or travel to the homes of their clients. Necessary supplies include a high-quality massage table, a massage chair, massage oils, linens, and pillows. If you can’t find the right massage table in local stores, massage tables for sale are in abundance online. Most therapists also have scented candles, background music, and a calm and soothing environment. 


As a consultant, you help people make decisions with regard to their business or personal wealth. Becoming a consultant is relatively easy. All you need is an area of expertise. The salary will vary based on factors such as your clientele, whether you work with large or small corporations and your area of expertise. It’s not uncommon for a consultant to make six figures annually. As an added bonus, many consultants end up dealing directly with corporate executives. This often leads to necessary travel to exotic locations around the world.  

Freelance Writer

Just pop online and pull up any blog or website, and you’ll see why freelancer writers are in high demand. As more companies set up websites and people have personal blogs, it increases the need for content. If you enjoy writing, a career in freelance writing can pave the way to pursuing your dream of working from home. The downside to this profession is the feast and famine lifestyle. Finding steady work from several sources will prevent you from earning $2000.00 for one month and nothing the following month. 


With advancements in technology, the virtual world is now quickly becoming reality. Realtors can now show potential clients’ homes without the need for initial legwork. They make a commission on every home sale. It’s a highly competitive field and acquiring your first sale isn’t easy. However, with an excellent marketing campaign that gives your business exposure, you can make a name for yourself in short order. Realtors live a life similar to freelance writers with financial ups and downs. 

Medical Transcriber

Within just two years’ time, you can trade-in your office job and become a self-employed medical transcriber working from the comfort of your home. Medical transcriptionists often work for health care facilities such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and immediate care centers. You create your own flexible work schedule and can earn on average $35,000 per year. All you need to get started after graduating is a desk, a computer, and a headset. 


If you love children, babysitting can offer you a full-time job that lets you work from home. Taking on just a few children from two to three families will provide earnings upward of $600.00 each week. There’s virtually no expense to you and parents will pay the top dollar to someone they can trust to watch their children.  

Home-based jobs are on the rise and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future. And why not? You create your own work schedule, get to spend quality time with your family, enjoy hobbies and take long, relaxing bike rides.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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