No matter how often we travel, there’s always something that catches even the most prepared out and last minute purchases whilst going through duty free or scampering around on Google Maps to find the nearest store – putting together a list of essentials can help, but also having a ready bag of essentials can be a big help to whether traveling for a short break away with a much needed vacation, or something more deliberate as digital nomad look to expand travel options for working opportunities and the promise of remote and location independent working. So, what are some essentials to always keep packed and ready to go?

Universal travel adapters are a must have – Long gone are the days where a different travel adapter is needed for different countries, no more 2-pin, 3-pin and any variation there of as getting hold of a universal adapter is much easier and will save space too. It may come in at a little bit of a higher price than grabbing a specific adapter, but will save space for having to pack multiple, often comes with various USB connectors, and some now even often faster charging at 15, 30, and even 45W too. Pick one up, keep it in the bag, and never be stuck having to look for a last-minute adapter. 

On that note, keep multiple cables too – It’s cheap enough to pick up a few spare USB-C and other vital cables, or spend a little more for the braided and more robust options too, but it’s a great tip to keep a few of these around in a travel pack too. A spare can help out a friend stuck for charging without sacrificing personal use too, it covers any that may have reached their lifespan and break unexpectedly, or just cover those that might be lost along the journey. It’s cheap, and it helps in a pinch.

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A cheap second phone – This one may be particularly important for those who do a lot of work from their mobile device but keeping a cheaper second phone to hand is an essential for some. Something that has less use, holds charge a bit longer, and has access to essential apps for travel and directions – it won’t matter so much if it gets banged up a little as some phones tend to do on the road, and for those looking at a longer stay particularly for working purposes, getting a local SIM card can cut down on costs too as roaming charges look to return for many. A decent phone can be found at a low price, so whilst it is an initial investment, it can help out a lot too.

These are just a few of many and primarily focussed on electronics, but the list can be as comprehensive as needed and customised to specific travel destinations as needed, but planning is key and can save a headache later on.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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