It goes without saying that being a parent is both a challenging and rewarding job.

That said one of the concerns you may have when you have one or more young children in your home would be Internet time.

Yes, what is the appropriate amount of time to allow your kid to be on the Internet on a daily or weekly basis?

Well, the answer to such a question may in fact rest with the age of your child. It may also include what they may be doing online in the first place.

So, is it time for you to be more cognizant of your child’s Internet interactions?

Find the Good in Online Time for Your Kid

When you may have some concerns about your child and their Internet time, here are a few positives to look at:

1. Time learning – If your kid is spending time online to help with studies, by all means consider this good. Whether your child goes to in-person school and uses the web or at home later in the day or is home-schooled, it can be a help. Going online can provide your child with info they need to complete studies and more. Outside of school needs, your child can also use the Internet to learn about myriad of subjects. Come up with a proper amount of hours a week when your kid can use the Internet for school-focused needs. You may even spend some time with them helping them learn and learning a few things of your own.

2. Finding hobbies they enjoy – Does your kid seem like they could use a hobby or two to keep them busy and have fun too? For instance, are they old enough to get into playing video games? If yes, get with them online to shop for any gaming equipment your home may need. From a gamer headset from Turtle Beach to keyboards, consoles and more find what your kid will need to play. Ordering equipment online is easy to do and you can have the merchandise delivered right to home. In no time at all, your kid can be set up at home with an entire video gaming system

3. Connecting to outside family and friends – It is not uncommon for family and friends to spread out. That said the Internet can be a great means of connecting on a regular basis or even reconnecting. Your kid may be missing a relative not living near you or a good friend who ended up moving away with their family. No matter the circumstances, the web can be used by your child. That is when old enough to keep in touch with those they miss in their life. From Skype to FaceTime and other such online programs, your child can connect. This is with individuals important to them with your blessing.

In allowing your child time online, watch what they do without standing over them all the time.

As your child grows older, they can be trusted more to make wise decisions when it comes to their time spent online.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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