How To Get Into eSports

With eSports being on the consistent rise, a lot of very talented gamers are still in the dark about where to start. Unlike traditional sports where there is a set path which starts in schooling, eSports relies more on your direct actions and the name you put out. There is, unfortunately, no one perfect way to get yourself into eSports, below we will cover what is perhaps the best way to break into the world of eSports.

Private Team

One of the best proven ways of getting into eSports is my making your own eSports team. This can sound like a minefield to any normal gamer, but at the entry level of eSports, is quite manageable. The first steps are easy but will be vital to your success.

  • The team – The ideal team for any eSports games is the team of friends you already have. With any nature of eSports title, teamwork and the ability to communicate effectively will be important to success. This, however, is not a must. Teamwork and communication can be learnt through training as well. If your normal playing group is not willing or not on eSports standards, a great way to find new team members with the same goals as yourself is through like-minded communities. Facebook and Discord offer some of the best community interactions available and are worth looking into to try and build your ideal team
  • Tournaments – When applying for larger tournaments where you can solidify the name of your team, previous tournament performances are a great way to prove your team’s ability. In this regard, no tournament is too small. Play as many tournaments as you can. Playing in smaller tournaments not only aids in giving your team a strong track record, but also increases awareness of your team. The more gamers know about your team, the better. Another avenue in tournaments to look into is the possibility of hosting your own tournament. For beginners, there is a wealth of software available to aid in creating your own tournaments. Websites like Toornament offer great assistance in creating your own tournament, dependent on the games you play and where you live.
  • Marketing – One of the most important aspects in being recognized as a team will be the team’s marketing. Platforms like Facebook and Discord will make a great base to get your team’s name known by others. Live streaming will also be a great way to get your team’s name out into the competitive gaming scene.
  • Getting noticed – Once you have your team set up, the brand building through marketing and a good few tournaments behind your name, it’s time to get noticed. As your team gains more popularity and rakes in more wins like you can find in the tragamonedas Peru has to offer, higher tier tournaments and leagues will be more likely to accept if not invite you to participate. If your team is good enough, this is where the snowball effect starts.


In any eSports title you play, you and your team’s skill in the game will undeniably be the most important factor on your path to success. Practice well, and practice often for your chance to be the next big eSports team.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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