HIDITION’s passion and sincerity for In-Ear Monitors have been reclaimed for many years. It has been developing to realize its motto of ‘Interoperability’ and ‘High-end sound’ and never stopped its journey. HIDITION’s development for In-Ear Monitors (IEM), for example, NT-1, NT-6, and Viento satisfied multiple customers on a global scale through its excellent design and sound quality. They have provided the highest level of reliable sounds that encompass the various need of audio enthusiasts and professional musicians. HIDITION analyzed their vast amount of data on ear molds and users’ design preferences that have been collected for 17 years to discover the most comfortable fit. Now took their first step into the gaming industry and are ready to provide the ergonomically designed earbuds, T-1 with perfection.

“Tuned by HIDITION”

HIDITION GAMING’s mission is to bring their expertise in acoustic solutions to the gaming experience. Gamers would all agree that the sound aspects of gaming can never be neglected, which is critical for their overall gaming experience. A significant amount of the earbud’s quality depends on its sound. HIDITION has developed unique sound tunes comparable with the latest sound technologies like 5.1 Ch, 7.1 Ch, Dolby Atmos, DTS. The sound shielding technology of HIDITION minimizes the electric output noises of high-tech gaming consoles/pcs. Thus, providing its users a steady input/output sound. Tuned by professional engineers and ergonomics experts, T-1 will bring you an advanced and innovative gaming environment.

Ergonomic Design Like Never Before

If you are a hardcore gamer, you guys could all relate to overheating, itchiness, and the heaviness of conventional gaming audio devices. HIDITION tried to discover a way to fix this problem and develop a comfortable gaming experience for prolonged use. Based on their 20 years of earphone manufacturing data, through research and test of ergonomic experts in HIDITION, T-1 was made to perfectly fit any ear/head shape. Its 4-leveled weight distribution structure enables users to concentrate on their game without any discomfort from prolonged usage. The T-1, tightly sealed to your facial curves, will not interfere with any physical activities.

HIDITION’s Philosophy¬†

T-1 is the lead product of HIDITION GAMING. It is made with HIDITION’s audio device philosophy, craftsmanship, and advanced technology, up to perfection. Founded in 2003, HIDITION did not settle on any of its tracks but kept innovating for perfection and optimized user experiences. This level of passion in video game sounds was able to be developed on the basis that every team member was actually a hardcore gamer. Their love for gaming was their motivation to carry out a countless number of tests of T-1 from a true gamer’s perspective. HIDITION GAMING’s promising future can be seen based on its launch of T-1. HIDTION GAMING has a long road ahead of its gaming journey but will aim to provide T-1 to every gamer worldwide.

T-1’s Kickstarter Launch

For more information to up your game, please visit T-1 on Kickstarter, where unprecedented products gather.

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