There’s nothing quite like a good quality gadget you can actually use to get things done or simply to make your life a little easier. Home gadgets are particularly useful when wanting to streamline your life and delegate some of the niggly things to sometimes forget to do to a digital helper. These are just some smart gadgets designed specifically for help in and around your home, and at the same time not at all likely to ever end up in “the drawer”. You know the one we’re talking about.

Smart Door Locks

This handy little piece of gadgetry is even better than a smart TV as it lets you lock and unlock the doors of your home by using your cellphone, a special “key fob”, or even your own personal biometrics. Since smart door locks are 100% keyless, the technology makes it a whole lot more difficult for thieves and intruders to break into. There’s even an app that enables you to let guests into your home when you’re not able to be there to welcome them in person.

Smart Kitchen Tools

How often have you heart someone mumble about this piece of tech or that being the perfect smart companion if only it knew how to brew a simple cup of java. Well, thanks to a large range of smart kitchen tools now readily available, you can buy yourself a pot that will have your coffee waiting for you when you get home from work, or even first thing in the morning.

And then of course there’s the pan smart enough to “know” when it’s time to flip the omelet. Oh, and the smart meat thermometer ready to turn you into a first-class cooker of the perfect cut of meat.

Smart Lighting

Are you the type of person who nearly always forgets whether or not you remembered to leave a light on for the cat? Or even just to shed some light around the home for safety’s sake when you’re away? Then there’s a smart lighting solution just waiting for your hand in smart gadget marriage.

Really helpful too is that a smart lighting system typically pays for itself in no time at all, and you don’t have to use your winnings from the online pokies NZ offers to pay it off. Since smart lighting solutions are designed to be eco-friendly and energy-efficient, you’ll soon hardly be able to remember when last you paid a shocker of a monthly energy bill.


As in the singing type. This smart home system is a security system and will ensure that help is instantly summoned when you need it the most. The system makes provision for video as well as audio surveillance. This is really helpful when having to come up with evidence for insurance or even police investigation purposes in the event that your house is intruded. It’s also very handy for checking up on kids and pets when you’re not home. Whether it is to keep an eye on the kids and whether or not they’re getting around to doing their homework, or simply for the heck of seeing at last what it is your pets get up to when you’re away, Canary is the perfect smart home surveillance system.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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