“Smart” has become a very common word these days, used to describe a variety of new and highly functional technologies and devices. An ever-increasing list of devices, one of the most practical, convenient, and sometimes fun, of all the new smart technologies for the home though, are the robots. 

1. The Cleansebot

Cleansebot is a compact and versatile automatic cleaning robot that uses a special UV-C light to eliminate a claimed 99.9 percent of bacteria, mites, and viruses, from over 40 different types of materials and surfaces. It can be used to clean carpets, couches, beds, linens, or practically anything laid over an even horizontal surface. Furthermore, it can be picked up and used in hand-held mode to manually sterilize any surface that it can’t navigate or reach by itself.

A little more versatile and convenient than competitors, such as the UV wand, the Cleansebot is a practical and worthwhile addition to the modern-day smart home. Being highly portable, it can be particularly handy when travelling and using hotel rooms, something it was originally designed for.

2. The Worx Landroid robotic mower

Using the same kind of smart technologies as robot vacuums and cleaners, the new Worx Landroid robotic mower can save you time by mowing your lawn by itself. Its features include a special rain-detection sensor that returns it to its docking station if the weather suddenly turns, and an alert in case it somehow strays from the yard. It also features a special security pin and app for exclusive operation by the owner, as well as many other highly customisable features. 

3. The Miko 3

The Miko 3 is a charming little robot that is design to interact with children and help develop learning skills via a customisable programme of language and visual cues. Miko 3 is able to speak multiple languages and can potentially even teach your child a new one. While Miko 3 is more of a prototype idea, as such devices become more popular, the range of interaction and ability as a teaching aid will likely continue to develop and grow in use.

4. A Little Dog Named “Aibo”

The idea of a robot pet dog often evokes mixed emotions in the public’s imagination, and though awe-inspiring, the creations of companies like Boston Dynamics can be a bit unsettling at times.

Aibo however, a cute little robot puppy dog made by Sony, seems to have broken the ice in that regard. A little clumsy, though in an adorable way, Aibo is more advanced than he might look at first glance. Able to navigate independently with built in sensors and AI, Aido can respond to several different commands and cues with cute tricks, and also be sent on puppy patrol to fetch drinks.

In Conclusion

While robots are still largely a novelty like the games at Black Lotus Casino, they are one that is quickly gaining a viable market and showing huge potential. Soon, we’ll be seeing robots of all sizes and uses becoming available to the home, and to the general public.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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