For small business owners, it’s essential to properly promote your business online with tools and strategies such as SEO, PPC, and influencer marketing in order to generate more leads and sales. However, the competition and complexities that surround the Internet and online marketplace take much time and skill to fully comprehend–especially, when your goal is to run a successful marketing campaign.

When putting together a marketing campaign, it’s imperative that you ensure that all your SEO efforts are functioning efficiently, as it’s one of the best ways to generate high-quality traffic to your website. In fact, a recent study by Advanced Web Ranking shows that websites that are in top positions of search results pages receive over a 30% click-through rate. However, without the expertise and the tools needed to ensure SEO efforts are being maximized correctly, it could hurt your website rather than help it.

If you are determined to boost your website’s SEO this year, here are the most common SEO mistakes to avoid:

●    Poor Quality Content and Site Pages: Having excellent quality content throughout your website can truly set you apart from your competitors. While some websites are smaller and are easy to manage, there are many websites that consist of hundreds of web pages which require maximum effort in managing content. It’s essential to properly manage your content, as this will boost the value of your website.

●    Bad Social Media Presence: Social media is one of the best platforms to advertise new content and promote your business on. Social media provides business owners with the opportunity to gain free traffic to their website while boosting rankings on search engines. However, poor social media presence or low-quality management of social profiles can be detrimental to one’s SEO. If you want to increase your SEO, it’s essential for your social profiles to be properly managed on a daily basis. Social media marketing is essential for businesses to thrive nowadays.

●    Leaving Broken Links: Broken links throughout your website can significantly affect its ranking. Broken links can occur internally and externally and typically occur when a page is deleted or the URL is misspelled. To keep your SEO at its peak form, it’s important to implement broken link finding tools.

●    Implementing Wrong Keywords: Keywords play a crucial role in any SEO marketing campaign and should always be utilized to increase search engine rankings. However, failing to select the right keywords can have the opposite effect. Always conduct keyword research to ensure that you are implementing keywords that are profitable and are being searched by users.

●    Lacking On-Page SEO Efforts: Although off-page SEO is extremely important when launching a marketing campaign, on-page SEO is critical as well. On-page consists of meta descriptions, tags, title optimization. Common mistakes to avoid when optimizing your on-page SEO are:

○    Long titles and descriptions

○    Poor content

○    Lack of keywords in titles and meta descriptions

 When launching a successful marketing campaign, you want to make sure you’re executing all the right steps for both your on-page and off-page SEO. Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes and implementing good SEO practices can take your campaign to the next level. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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