Christmas is almost upon us, and with that comes gift-giving. And with gift-giving comes holiday cards.

There are plenty of cards available for sale. But nothing is as meaningful as a handmade gift, and cards are no exception.

But making a handmade card can be difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. Luckily, there’s plenty of software out there to help you out. If you’re thinking of making cards this holiday season, it’s worth considering your options.

So let’s take a look at a few design software options you can use to make cards.

3 Easy Tools for Making Cards

When it comes to making cards or any graphic design, you have a lot of options. Which one you pick depends on your skill, experience, and needs.

Option 1: GIMP

GIMP is one of the most popular image design software options around. The main reason for this is its accessibility. GIMP is free to use and is available on most major devices and operating systems.

GIMP is also a very versatile tool. You can easily manipulate and edit images within the program. GIMP supports a wide range of features to modify your images. You can touch up image colors, add transparency, clone and copy images, and make all kinds of other corrections.

GIMP also includes plenty of painting and drawing options to allow you to design your own images. And you can install plenty of plug-ins to expand its functions if needed.

Option 2: Scribus

If you’re looking to layout pre-existing images instead, Scribus is a great option. It’s a free tool, which makes it easy to pick up and start using. Designed with layout in mind, it’s a versatile tool.

Its toolbox includes options for copying and cloning images, snapping images to a grid, as well as color correction and other options for quality. It’s also designed with ease of use in mind, meaning you don’t need to be an expert to make something that looks great.

Option 3: Adobe Spark Post

A free option designed by Adobe, Spark Post allows you to easily make beautiful looking cards. Spark Post comes with a wide array of tools, allowing you to easily design the layout of your card however you want.

And it comes with several templates in mind to make a card for every occasion. So whether you need a Christmas card, a birthday card, or a free Father’s Day card, Spark Post has options for you.

Design a Great Card for Your Occasion

Making cards is a great way to show someone you’re thinking of them, regardless of the occasion.

Whether you’re making a Christmas card, a birthday card, or just a thank you, a handmade card can go a long way. So give these options a try, and see if one of them is the right fit for you.

And if you have any other questions about making your perfect card, or any other design, be sure to check out our other articles. We’ve got plenty of great tips and advice to help you out!

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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