The outdoor mattress with an unrivaled hot water circulation system

BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro is a portable power station and mattress designed for winter campers. The product’s innovative technology provides up to 12 hours of continuous warmth. Each can of gas you bring with you will provide an additional 12 hours of warmth. That means you can fight off the cold for 2 days with just 4 cans of gas.

BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro’s power-generating water circulation system works even in temperatures well below freezing (-22 °F/-30 °C). You don’t need any batteries or solar panels to power the product, which campers will find very useful. There’s even a safety release button and other features that make the product highly safe. Plus, the product is waterproof and hand washable for easier maintenance.

Hot water circulation system?

Once you properly assemble BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro, it takes just 5 minutes to start feeling the warmth. And with an astoundingly light weight and great portability, just set up the BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro heated water mattress in your tent, and your camping burdens will be a thing of the past!

If you feel that there’s a sudden temperature drop, or maybe your BLACKCAN II Pro is making things a bit too steamy, just adjust the gas valve to get the temperature just right. You can even check the current temperature and the current voltage from the controller’s display for further convenience. Did we mention that you can even use BLACKCANII Pro to charge your devices? This product does just about everything you need while you’re outdoors.

Choose your mattress size

Maybe you like traveling alone, or maybe you like going camping with your friends and family. Fortunately, BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro lets you choose your mattress size. Whether it’s the Single, Queen, or King, the 3 mattress sizes will be sure to fit your outdoor camping needs.

Just be sure you keep the mattress pattern side up when you lay down your mattress!

Safety you can rely on

In the outdoors, heating devices are essential. But most heating products have a lot of safety risks involved. We’re referring to the risk of starting a forest fire, of course.

But BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro has all kinds of safety features equipped, so you won’t have to worry about all of that.

First of all, there’s the ERV-10 safety valve, which automatically cuts off the gas and extinguishes the flame when the product reaches 113 °F (45 °C). And if the safety valve is triggered, just press the release button to resume the flow of gas.

If BLACKCAN II Pro is accidentally knocked over, the ERV-10 automatically cuts off the flow of gas, adding another layer of safety. The product is also designed with a Power Pot, which keeps the fire from getting in contact with your body and clothes. When the Power Pot is heating up, it won’t be exposed to the wind, so the fire won’t burn out. This design also ensures that flames won’t get carried in the wind, even in the windiest conditions.

And when the device is overheating or running low on water, the controller’s internal sensor sends out an alarm so you can easily remedy the problem. Clearly, the creators of BLACKCAN II Pro have thought of everything to make the product safe and convenient.

Easy storage

If you want to fold up or crinkle your BLACKCAN Ⅱ Pro mattress to store it, that’s perfectly okay. But perhaps you’re thinking that, because of the hose inside the mattress, folding up the product might damage it.

But the hose is finely sewn and deliberately narrow, so it won’t get damaged or bunched up if you fold the mattress. Also, the waterproof fabric means that, if the mattress gets dirty, you can easily hand wash or machine wash it.

You can find BLACKCAN II Pro on Kickstarter, where they are currently crowdfunding to reach their target goal.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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