Sporty comfort shoes are street style standbys that have recently been spotted on fashion runways around the world. There are many ways to wear this all-purpose footwear. A pair of eye-catching athletic shoes can add a finishing touch of effortless and practical style to casual clothing or be worn to accentuate more formal attire. Dress any design up or down depending on the occasion. Get a great deal on trendy sneakers by shopping a Diadora sale or browse the latest designs from other popular brands.

Casual Style

The right pair of sporty shoes contribute comfort and style to your weekend wardrobe. Low-profile canvas or leather shoes have been go-to casual shoes for decades. From plain white sneakers womens to patterned slip-on shoes with platform soles, there are many comfortable styles that women can wear with leggings, jeans, shorts, dresses or skirts. Consider whether you want a shoe with laces that must be tied, lacing just for show or a slip-on style.

Many sneaker brands collaborate with artists to offer unique shoe designs. These shoes are available for men and women and tend to feature bursts of bright color and bold printed patterns. Some women’s sneakers even have embroidered details. Determine whether you want your footwear to steal the show or bring out other features in your outfit.

Casual sporty shoes that look good with jeans may get a lot of wear. Other comfort shoes are designed for athletic activities in which shorts or sweats may be more likely pairings. Make sure any footwear you select provides a sufficient amount of support for walking or any other activities you plan to pursue in addition to adding a finishing touch to a look.

Dressing Up

Sporty comfort shoes are not conventional dress shoes, but some of the latest styles for men and women are ready to go from day to night. Step into the metallic trend by wearing shiny or glittery sneakers. The best sneakers for men may feature materials typically found in dress shoes in a more casual profile.

You can find comfort shoes with sporty designs in materials such as nubuck or full-hide leather. Even some canvas slip-ons in bright colors have detailing suitable for more formal occasions. Slip-on and lace-up designs can be paired with many outfits.

Sport Comfort Trends

Shoes made with comfort in mind do not have to sacrifice style. Many sporty looks have trendy patterns, metallic materials and prominent soles. Footwear can be a fun way to add unconventional accents of color to an outfit or provide a timeless look. Whether you want shoes that match, complement or create eye-catching contrast with your clothing, sporty comfort styles make it easy to achieve any look.

Wear comfortable shoes with an athletic inspiration when dressing up or on the go. Get a sense of the look you want and select shoes that have the right profile for any outfit. For everyday wear, look for colors that correspond to your wardrobe. No matter which brand or design you choose, casual sporty shoes make it easy to kick back in style.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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