The year of 2020 only had 2 months so far, but a lot happened already. From war escalation threats to global pandemics, one persistent characteristic in these global events is how quick and intensively the information is covered and widespread to everyone. This all can be credited to modern technology that only tends to improve and be more democratized as time passes. Below you’ll see some of what’s to expect this year in tech that may influence a lot the fields of education, transportation, entertainment, business and others.


After Netflix and Amazon changed the way we watch movies and series, replacing video rentals and cable subscriptions, more and more companies are entering the streaming market. Disney+ and AppleTV+ have recently launched and are offering unique content and better prices than other services. With a larger competition in this market, we as consumers will consequentially get more benefits and be able to watch our favorite shows!

Electric cars

It’s expected that all major car manufacturers will release at least one electric model this year, following the renewable energy trend of the 21st century. Next generation models are expected to be more affordable and with improved battery recharging infrastructure. However, as regular cars revenue will tend to drop, some governments are already reducing public incentives for electric vehicles.


Imagine being able to play AAA+ games in the maximum graphic settings without having to worry about investing a couple thousand dollars in computer hardware or videogame consoles. It already exists, and it’s called Google Stadia. This cloud-based subscription service was launched last November and is expected to revolutionize the gaming market. Apple is also offering a Netflix-like service in which you pay $4.99/month and have access to multiple games in the iOS and MacOS platforms.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Even though Bitcoin wasn’t popular or stable enough for the banks to go bankrupt, its technology is still being used to develop more advanced cryptocurrencies and new blockchain applications. As more financial institutions adopt it as it evolves, new payment methods will become faster and cheaper for all users.

5G and Internet of Things

Currently the 5G network has limited availability, but as soon as it becomes more widespread, not only mobile phone users will benefit from it with a faster connection, but a whole next generation of devices will get integrated to the network, in a concept known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Such evolution will enable more integration among systems, from food distribution networks to traffic monitoring, augmented reality for industry personnel, advanced drones and automated shopping self-checkout.

As you can see, the most evident trend of this year, and probably the next ones, is innovation. It will be the main driving factor in reshaping business models and consequentially the workforce relations, so it’s ultimately important to keep track of what’s happening in the Tech world as it can impact other industries as well. And for the final user, the outlook is always positive given almost everything will be more efficient, faster and precise than ever.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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