With the advent of modern technology, employment relations are changing and a whole new group of unprecedented careers are being created that relies purely on an Internet connection and creativity. People have been working like that in the last 20 years, and these individuals that live on temporary addresses, work remotely and most likely have a strong Wanderlust are called Digital Nomads. But as global drives occur, governments change, and markets go up and down, where are the most appealing location for those modern-day techno-gypsies? You could theoretically be anywhere with a reliable internet, but you should also consider safety, visa requirements, quality and cost of life. So, see below a few suggestions of the top locations in 2020 that take all that in consideration. 

Mexico City, Mexico

With a history spanning almost 7 centuries, the oldest capital of the Americas is becoming more and more internationalized and the entrepreneurship culture has expanded in recent years. Local Cuisine is well above average, cost of living is a lot better than any US major city, and there are lots of coworking spaces and new emerging business opportunities. Some downsides are the air quality, overcrowding, and although a lot has improved over there, the city has retained a bad popularity regarding crime and the media tends to only portray it as an unsafe place.

Lisbon, Portugal

The second-oldest European capital (after Athens) is one of the most interesting locations for digital nomads, especially those into music and arts. There are plenty of museums, galleries and avant-garde cafes that are frequented by artist from all around the world. Weather is mostly great in the region, you can find really cheap high-quality food and wine, and lots of interesting streets filled with history that you can explore almost open-endedly. However, as the city is becoming one of the most popular touristic and retirement destinations in Europe, accommodation costs are getting higher, poor integration if you don’t speak Portuguese, and there is a complex bureaucracy network for a lot of basic services that can be exhausting.

Tallinn, Estonia

Accurately portrayed as the Silicon Valley of the Baltic Sea by the New York Times, this city is known for being the birthplace of Skype and Transferwise, and for having the highest numbers of start-ups per capita in Europe. With high-speed connection, a new visa program for digital entrepreneurs called e-Residency, and free public transportation for residents, it sounds like the perfect location to go as a digital nomad. Tallinn might sound less attractive if you’re not into cold weather. It can get as cold as -10 C in the winter, and it gets very windy and rainy over there. The local language is quite complex to learn, although there are government-sponsored courses for new residents.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Previously known as Saigon, the largest city in Vietnam is the go-to destination for budget digital nomads. Filled with cafes and workspaces, the region is attracting lots of entrepreneurs and business opportunities are expanding. The biggest negative aspect there is by far traffic and will be quite an adventure even if you manage to ride your own motorcycle in the chaotic streets. Air pollution is also very bad, and prepare to bargain a lot if you want to buy anything from street vendors.

There are many more cities that could’ve been added to the list, so if you’re planning on going to a specific location, take the factors mentioned above in consideration. Another ideal tip when going to any destination is to try to learn the local language as much as you can to integrate more with the locals, always pay attention to your belongings and watch out for scammers and ill-intentioned people.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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