When it comes to choosing our next flooring, it is by no means an easy decision. With there being countless of flooring options out there, we really need to do our research thoroughly before diving into choosing the wrong flooring, you can end up regretting it for a while! you can go on forever comparing different flooring types, however it is also good to narrow it down to two, then you can go from there. So we have spoken about other flooring types, but how exactly does the old favourite laminate compare to the modern snazzy invention of engineered wood? Let’s have a look…

Let’s start with an old familiar favourite: laminate. Made using man made materials that make up layers which are laminated together. The layers are excellent at resisting any moisture, ideal for rooms that see lots of water exposure and scratches, as well as any other spillages. However, it I not completely full proof to these so make sure you bear this in mind when choosing where to lay it.

The best thing about laminate is that is comes in amazingly convincing impressions of real wood, that it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart from each other. This impressive look is done through the realistic grains, knots and colour variation, even feeling like real wood! You don’t even have to stick to a wood look either, with laminate impersonating other natural products like stone and tile too. Most good quality laminates can last up to 25 years too, as well as being very simple to keep clean. The best feature of laminate is that it’s so affordable, you can’t really go wrong!

Now next is engineered wood, another worthy contender and certainly comes with some fantastic benefits. Engineered wood is the best seller in the flooring world and it’s easy to see why. As a natural product, it has a very long life span and looks gorgeous but does come with some extra maintenance. It can scratch, stain and not ideal when it comes into contact with water, however if any damage does occur then engineered wood can be sanded down and refinished back to it’s new self, something you cannot do with laminate. Therefore, even though it is a higher price tag and is more suspectable to damage, you get more than one chance with this fantastic invention!

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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