Having one or more key people from your life missing in some capacity can have you doing a lot of thinking.

That said any thoughts to how you might go about locating them when having such an opportunity to do so?

From the Internet to working via family and friends, you do have resources available.

So, where will your search begin and end?

Will the Internet Play a Big Role?

When missing someone in your life, what is likely to be your first option in trying to track them down?

For many people, it may well be the Internet.

That said you can go online and do a people finder search in hopes of moving closer to finding one to reconnect with. Even if you choose not to reconnect with them, you may want to at least find where they are and that they are doing well.

So, look for any websites that are geared towards locating the whereabouts of people.

Among the pieces of information you’d like to get your hands on would include:

  • An address
  • A phone number
  • Place of employment
  • Any immediate family contacts

By having these and other pieces of key info, you are closer to potentially making contact with them. Well, contact at least from your end of things.

It is good to remember that some people move along and do not choose to be contacted by family, friends and others. As such, be patient and also be respectful of what their wishes may be.

If you try and push contacting or even rekindling some relationship it could lead them away for good.

Can Others in Your Circle Help You Find Someone?

While the web can be a resource for you to move closer to finding one from your past, also turn to family and friends.

As an example, maybe you are looking for someone you worked with or went to school with back in the day?

If this turns out to be the case, do you have contacts who also know the individual or individuals in question? 

In the event they do, this can be a good lead or leads to move ahead with. A former co-worker or classmate with knowledge of the person may lead you in the right direction.

Another possibility is you are trying to reunite with an old love.

Yes, relationships come and go over time. 

As such, some people want to continue leaving the past in the past. For others, they can be open to reuniting with someone who held a special place in their heart for a period of time.

That said look to family members and friends who know the person in question. They may well still be in touch with the individual. Unless the latter said not to provide you with contact info, you may reconnect in some manner.

Given so many people come and go by moving, leaving jobs, graduating and so on, it can be easy to lose track of some.

With that in mind, is there anyone special missing in your life?


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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