Whilst the home for esports is currently solidified in the PC market, gaming as a whole has found a home on mobile with experts suggesting that the future for mobile as a whole is within mobile – the rapid rise of more casual games like online casinos as players can check this list of promo codes for online casinos for an advantage, the continued growth of the social media gaming space, and of course the ever growing more hardcore space for gaming too. There are some big titles that have since emerged on mobile and look to be putting in the work to get esports moving forward, and with the infrastructure for these options also growing over time too it could be an exciting opportunity – but which games are leading the way and could be the home for mobile esports?

PUBG Mobile is the biggest worldwide – Having originally found a home on PC for the initial launch and experiencing issues with bugs and other issues but has found a very successful run on mobile particularly in the East as countries such as India which lead the way for the player base of the game – the Mobile version was one of the highest-grossing games in 2020 and offers considerable prize money too particularly for a mobile game, with competitions taking place in 12 different regions around the world it is certainly the biggest by quite some margin, and will likely lead the mobile esports market for years to come. 

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Arena of Valor leads the MOBA genre – With two of the biggest esports in the world being MOBA’s with League of Legends and DotA 2, having a mobile offering will certainly appeal to a huge audience. Tencent Games were able to fill this void with their own 5v5 MOBA offering that has pulled in over 100 million daily users back in 2020, and was one of the most viewed gaming events throughout the year too – much like PUBG the biggest audience is in the East with the Western audience not being too well represented, but expansion is happening and these options are becoming more available too.

Hearthstone remains available for the TCG fans – Hearthstone has long held the title as the premium collectible card game after first emerging back in 2014, and whilst it has shrunk in popularity over the years it is still the biggest by quite some margin – it has held over 100 million players for quite some time and continues to pull in a huge sum annually with the microtransactions within the game, but could certainly remain a huge title for the mobile esports ecosystem and offer another popular genre in the market too. 

It’s still very early days for mobile esports and something yet to really emerge in the way it expected, but given how quickly mobile gaming as a whole is growing, it won’t be at all surprising to see mobile esports become a more premium option in the coming years.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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