Setting up a generator can help you restore power to your home when a hurricane, tornado, or other situation cuts the electricity off. In these terrific situations, just a small generator that powers up your refrigerator, lights, and charges your electronic devices will help more than enough. Since people seldom utilize the generator, many of them are not aware of its safety measure and use it indoor or close to a living space.

Between 2011 and 2021, more than 770 U.S Citizens died because of carbon monoxide – known as “the silent killer” – poisoning while using portable generators. Generator manufacturers are trying to reduce the risk with implementing features such as detecting CO level to shut the generator off automatically when it is too high, engines generating less CO and so on. However, they cost expensive and don’t eliminate the risk of CO poisoning. For your safety and convenience, here is a perfect substitute for the generator. Portable, yet powerful to use in emergency situations, and even in outdoor activities. Mjolnir, The world’s first Lithium-Titanate portable power station.

Why Power Station? Why Mjolnir?

Power station is gaining attention and is quickly becoming an essential item for various occasions. It is a high-performing portable power that may even serve as an emergency power supply with generating absolutely zero Carbon Monoxide while functioning. Mjolnir is developed by company called Grinergy, Korean lithium-ion rechargeable battery company founded by experts in EV and rechargeable battery development from Apple, Tesla, Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motors. Mjolnir has high-output of 5400W which even can power welding machines and worksite equipment. It provides stable power in freezing temperature as low as -22 °F (-30 °C). For an extra safety, not only generating zero carbon monoxide, but it is also made of non-explosive materials.

For your outdoor life convenience.

Since Mjolnir weighs only 46lbs (21kg), it provides you true portability. By charging it for less than an hour (in fact, it takes only half an hour to fully charge!), Mjolnir provides 5400W of power while other companies’ power stations usually offer 3600W up to 4500W of power in maximum. 5400W is a lot of power, you can even power up welding devices and other heavy-duty worksite equipment. With Mjolnir, you can use electricity more than enough while you are enjoying your camping to use coffee pot, laptop & cellphone charger, lamp, speaker, and any other products that requires electricity. Also, if you own an electric vehicle, when your EV’s battery runs out while driving, Mjolnir will provide 3.1 miles (5km) worth of power for you to reach the next EV charging station.

Available on Kickstarter Now.

This lifechanging gadget is now available on Kickstarter. It’s offering high discounts for Kickstarter backers only, will worth a visit. Safe, powerful, portable, easy, and fast to charge, yet it has more features. If you want further information on Mjolnir, visit Kickstarter now!

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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