Today, more than expected people suffer from insomnia with extraordinary workloads, unpredicted lifestyles, and irregular sleep patterns. Incapable of not getting enough sleep and rest can cause dementia, memory loss, or diseases related to proper reasoning or concentration. To avoid scary medical terms that may happen to us, we need to rest to reset. Our body as well as mind regenerate when we sleep.

Don’t rely on your conventional way to enhance your sleep quality

If you slept for 8 hours, the actual sleeping period will be less than 8 hours since your state of rest can be much dependent on a lot of other external or internal factors interrupting your sleep. Sleepwave introduces you to a scientific way to improve the quality of your sleep by detecting your sleep with an electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor in the brid.zzz. Don’t be surprised that this is the world’s first interactive sleep trader and aider. This will observe your sleep activity and collect big data to offer optimized sleeping patterns.

Brid.zzz will analyze the factors from age, gender, and body type to environmental factors such as occupation and amount of exercise to study and consider the user’s individual data.

Application interaction

Everyone will experience the inconvenience of physically managing portable devices especially when they are wearable devices in the ears. Controlling wearable devices with a mobile phone with a simple touch method will improve your nighttime. The brid.zzz application will provide you with the best possible sleeping pattern based on days of your sleep experience. Analyzing sleep patterns with an EEG sensor in your brain, the electrical activity of active brain cells will be studied to help you get better sleep. Allowing you to monitor your sleep records to get to know more about your bad habits when it comes to deeper sleep.

Clean and sterilized ergonomic design

Are you worried about the germs and viruses that are invisible? The common ways to spread germs are by touching your face with a bare and unwashed hand. Who really thinks of the germs in the hands before getting to sleep? The brid.zzz charging station lets your earbuds clean and sterilized by keeping your earbuds in the advanced Ultraviolet (UV) nano LED cradle.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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