One of my latest finds which I have made from the amazing team at Sherwood Studios is this delightful charm box which your kids are going to absolutely love. My daughter is well on board with my digital designs and she will often be part of the process when we are choosing a new design to share with everyone, I must say that she is rather picky! As soon as we both laid eyes on the new charm box we both screamed yes and got it downloaded right away.

I have seen al to of boxes online which you can print off and cut out, and along with the carrot shaped box which we found, this has to be my favorite so far. A charm box is useful in so many situations and my daughter and I have had great fun in putting the whole thing together and in using it. If you are in need of a charm box for your son or daughters’ bits and pieces then here are just a few reasons why I would recommend this one in particular from Sherwood Studios.

Design Quality

Whilst I certainly don’t think that it is done on purpose, there are so many companies and design houses who create these boxes but never really understand that not everyone will be able to print it off at the highest quality, and the result can be poor dimensions or blurry design. The team at Sherwood however really get this and that is why this is a charm box which looks great no matter how you print it or put it together.

Fun Creation

My kids very rarely want to get involved in the ‘boring’ construction of the boxes that I print off but because this was going to be functional, my daughter went full interior designer on me. This was actually a really lovely activity to do with my daughter and we spent a couple of hours on putting it together and on decorating it in an attractive way.


The problem with many charm boxes, even for adults, is that they are so small that any trinkets or jewelry which you put in there just gets mixed up with other items, leaving you to unravel the whole thing whenever you want something. This box however is really cleverly designed and it is not only large but has a couple of compartments so that you can avoid everything getting twisted up inside the box.


It is clear that they’ve put some real thought into the ergonomics of this box design because even when using some light card, the box is very tight and very sturdy indeed. I was really surprised by this and to be honest it is seriously impressive that they have managed to design something which is downloadable, that can offer so much by way of stability.

This is a lovely charm box and one which I would recommend to anyone out there with kids.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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