As any of you with young kids will know, they really love having a tea party and for my 3 it was easily one of their favorite activities to have. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand why exactly kids love this so much, and I can only assume that it is their way of trying to act like adults, having little soirées with their imaginary friends. It is also a great opportunity for them to host an event with their favorite toys and characters in the home, and if mummy and daddy can join in then it makes it all the better.

I always love to get behind the ideas of my kids and do whatever I can to make it really special, and the tea party was no different. What I chose to do therefore is to organize a week tea party, basically until the kids got sick of it, and I made sure that I really put some thought into what we were doing. If your kids love tea party then here are some cool ways that you an really breathe some life into it.

Details and Design

The first place I wanted to start was with the design of the room where we were going to have the tea party, so we made sure to get plenty of cool details which we could print off, and used them to decorate the seats, the wall and even the crockery. I got this cool tea party downloadable pack which featured the following:

10 papers
30 elements
1 beaded frame
2 sets of stacked bowls
1 brad
2 buttons
1 cameo
3 cupcakes
3 large flowers
3 lace pieces
1 menu scrap
3 frames
1 bow
1 ribbon
2 paper scraps
1 sequin strip
2 teacups
2 tags
1 teapot

As you can see there was more than enough here for our perfect little tea party.

Waiting Staff

I used to always get involved in the tea party as a guest but it dawned on me that if we were going to do this right, then we should have a waiter or a waitress, this was something that the kids absolutely loved, although it’s fair to say that the waiting staff didn’t suffer from quite a bit of abuse. My husband and I took it in turns to serve up the tea and the kids really enjoyed the experience.

Dressing Up

One of the best things that we did for our tea party was dressing up, something which doesn’t require much persuasion when it comes to the kids. For them it meant that this was an opportunity to wear all of those quirk costumes which they love, and for us it was a chance to drop all the ‘adulting’ and just have some fun with the kids, and that is exactly what getting dressed up did for us all.

If your kids love to have a tea party then these are my recommendations for how to mix it up and take it to the next level.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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