When computer users are shopping for a mouse for their computer, they can choose the standard computer mouse or a gaming mouse. The most durable gaming mouse is usually far more expensive compared to a standard mouse. So the individual or business purchasing the computer mouse would like to know the advantages of gaming mouse for computer since this will help them decide whether it is worth investing more money in the gaming mouse. A computer user is usually aware of the applications for which the computer is used, and this will help to determine whether the gaming mouse is the right choice.

One of the main advantages of using a gaming mouse is that high quality components are used in the mouse, so that it will last for a long time. A mouse consists of a large number of parts, and the quality of the materials like the plastic, electronics, mechanical parts determine the durability of the mouse. The mouse is sometimes dropped from a height, so if it is of good quality, it will not break quickly. The gaming mouse will have a glide pad to reduce friction and anti-sweat coating so that the performance of the mouse is not affected even if the user is sweating.

Another feature of a gaming mouse are the multiple customization options available. Every gaming mouse has a number of buttons which can be programmed according to the user requirement. Usually for accessing some features of each application, especially games, a number of keyboard buttons have to be used in a sequence. Instead of pressing all these buttons which will take some time, the user can program the different buttons on the mouse to complete the task with a single click, reducing the time and effort. The number of programmable buttons in a gaming mouse will vary depending on the model selected, some of the gaming mice will not have any buttons at all, and others will have five or more programmable buttons.

Another reason why many prefer to use a gaming mouse is because they are ergonomically designed and comfortable to use. Gamers and others who are using the mouse continuously for more than three hours, sitting in front of the computer often find that their hand is paining from holding and moving the mouse for a longer time. A gaming mouse is designed after extensive research so that computer users with different hand sizes and shapes, can comfortably hold the mouse without experiencing any kind of pain. The computer user should also be able to access all the buttons easily and click the buttons quickly.

For wireless gaming mice there are other advantages like the mice will not shut down if they are not used for some time. The response time for a gaming mouse is also less, usually one millisecond compared to the 3-4 milliseconds for a normal mouse. So for computer games or other applications where the response time will make a difference, it is definitely better to get a gaming mouse. Most computer users are using a large number of applications, and mainly use their mouse, so it is worth investing in a gaming mouse.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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