How good is your business at finding ways to save money on energy? Is this something which your business is actively looking to do? If so then we have some great tips on saving money on your energy usage within the business, a hot topic right now in the business world.

Saving energy is not just about trimming your energy costs, it is also about positioning your business in a way that ensures that it meets its green requirements. The first place to start when trying to save money and energy is to understand where businesses use most energy, check out this piece from our friends at Utility Bidder, which breaks down where businesses spend more. Once you have read that, here are tips on going about saving money and reducing energy usage.

Getting People On Board

This is not something which management can do on their own and it is going to be absolutely vital that the workforce are fully on board with the plans to reduce energy use. A briefing and constant reminders will buy enough to do this, and it is crucial to remember that if they don’t get on board, you will struggle to make the right changes.

Committed Approach

As ownership or management it is essential that this is not just something which is mentioned  now and again, but a topic which you are constantly pushing and which is always on the agenda. It will take a while for you to change behaviors and attitudes in the business which is why it is so important that you are committed in your approach to making this change.


A great way to come up with new ideas and things that can be changed, which will also help the employees feel involved in this, is to always be open to new ideas. Creating an open forum between people working in the business is essential to success and your staff will also feel much more valued if you do this.

Simple tips which can greatly help you to reduce how much energy your business is using on a monthly basis.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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