Businesses, both large and small, must be ADA compliant in order to serve the disabled population of the United States. Whether in the workplace or website, businesses must follow all ADA guidelines to be compliant. Many companies use web tools like accessiBe in order for their website to match the ADA guidelines. The following is a list of what businesses must do to make sure they are compliant with the ADA:

1) Have at least one accessible entrance for those with disabilities unless it would cause undo financial or administrative burdens on your company. If this is the case, you need to signify those who would utilize the entrance that it’s inaccessible.

2) Have at least one accessible route throughout your building. This means that those with disabilities should not be blocked from entering and leaving the building, as well as being able to get from one place to another within the building. If your company is large enough, you should have a map of the accessible route posted around the building.

3) Make sure that those who need assistance can contact someone if they need it. Companies should post the phone number to whoever is in charge of the accessible entrance with a wheelchair, for example.

4) Make sure that public restrooms are ADA compliant. This means making sure that someone with disability can get into the entrance of the restroom get to the sink, toilet, and stall. The stalls must have enough room to fit a wheelchair in, which is usually between 36 and 48 inches. This includes making sure the sinks are at an accessible height for those who need the soap and water at a lower height.

5) If your business regularly holds gatherings or events, make sure that there are tables with enough space for wheelchairs to fit under them. If you have a buffet, make sure that it’s at an accessible height for those using wheelchairs as well.

6) Don’t discriminate against those with disabilities when it comes to hiring. If a person’s disability prevents them from doing a certain task, make sure you are allowed to change their task or duties. Never pressure someone with a disability into quitting, but make sure they know you are there if they need anything.

7) If you’re a large company, make sure your website is ADA compliant. This means having easy-to-see buttons and links on the webpage. Your website must also be reachable by those who use screen readers or other web tools designed for those with disabilities. The ADA guidelines are provided by the U.S Department of Justice’s Disability Rights Section, which provides information on all civil rights issues for the disabled population.

8) Make sure you have equipment that can be used or adapted by those with disabilities. This includes things such as specialized keyboards for people who cannot use the standard keyboard. If you’re a large company, make sure your employees are trained to use the equipment and tools provided for those with disabilities.

In order for businesses to be ADA compliant, they must follow all of the guidelines laid out by the Department of Justice. Businesses should also have someone in charge of accessible entrance routes through the building, assistance with any situation that may arise within the business, and the ability to contact them if necessary.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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