Has the notion of selling your small business crossed your mind a time or two as of late?

If you said yes, what preparations will be needed for the sale to come off?

As important if not more, why are you looking to sell in the first place?

You may see trends in your particular industry that are of concern to you. As a result, you want to move on from your business at this stage of things. Then again, the industry could be doing quite well and you look to cash out now instead of down the line.

There may also be the possibility that you’ve taken your small business as far as it is likely to go. Selling now allows you to move along to something else should you so choose to.

What if you are dealing with a personal issue that will prevent you from giving 100 percent to your biz? If so, now you may be forced to move on from it.

Finally, you may be at a point where a better opportunity has come along. That is you need to move from one business to another to take full advantage of such an opportunity.

In selling your business, the hope is you have the next plan in place for what comes next for you?

So, are you looking to sell?

Have a Solid Plan in Place 

In deciding you may be looking to figure out how to sell your startup, taking into consideration:

  1. Know your plan and execute it – Selling a business on a whim is not something most would consider doing. As such, having a solid plan in place is your best way to go about things. Have you thought about how you will get word out that your small business is for sale to begin with? Know that there are companies out there available to help you with the sale. That means you do not end up doing all the heavy lifting. You also have to think about how valuable your small business is. Make sure you get a full analysis done of your business as it relates to assets, liabilities and so on. Finally, have all your necessary paperwork in order. Failure to do this can hold up a potential sale.
  2. What will come next? – Do you have a firm sense of what comes next once your small business has in fact been sold? Do you have another startup in mind? Would you consider going to the corporate world and work for someone else? Odds are you have worked for others at some point in your professional life. Or, are you at a point where retirement from the business world is under consideration? These are all things you want to think over and be able to come up with the right answer.
  3. What’s next for the employees? – Assuming you have employees under you, make sure they do not get left out in the cold. Be as upfront with them as possible. That is on a sale and what the timeline looks like, if new ownership would be willing to offer them positions and so on.

In selling your small business, do what it takes to make it as smooth as possible.

Remember, you’ve worked too hard to see it all fall apart now.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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