One interesting thing about the human societies, systems and structures, is that they get more complicated and sophisticated as they evolve. Structures and systems that don’t evolve would just fade away over time because, it would lose its relevance, place and use in society.

Thus, in the quest to keep one’s business afloat and successful, one has to be creative and innovative, following trends and adopting relevant best practices. This helps keep you ahead or at least, on par with your competition.

Furthermore, considering that the internet is now the market place where your goods and services will be displayed, the next challenge becomes how to market and generate interest in your products and services online.

Affiliate Programs

Also called associate programs, these are online business arrangements in which a business owner with an online shop pays another (who is the affiliate) for directing customers (traffic) to their site. Through this sort of arrangements, online purchasing, advertisements and marketing are facilitated and all parties involved are usually satisfied because they all get what they want.

These arrangements usually involve three parties namely:

  • The customer, who is the primary aim of the whole arrangement
  • The affiliate, that now acts as an agent and
  • The business site itself

This arrangement is currently an efficient way of participating in internet marketing (E-commerce). You can read more about it here.

CBD Products

Basically, these are products that are CBD based (which are a lot). They range from drugs and medications to various snacks and supplement. These products are usually available for both humans and animals.

What is CBD?

It is short for cannabidiol and though one of the major components of the cannabis plant, it is only one of many. In recent times, it has gotten extremely popular because scientific research has shown it to be of great medical benefit without adding the psycho-active properties that cannabis is popular for.

The other major component is tetrahydrocannabinol, THC) for short. It is component that adds the psycho-active element to cannabis. Psycho-active in simple English is the ability to get one “high”.

Some benefits that CBD offers include the following:

  • It helps relieve chronic pain and has been found to be more effective than most analgesic
  • It is also very helpful for treating anxiety and depression both in humans and animals
  • It has the ability to relieve and reduce cancer and cancer related symptoms or tumors. Unlike chemotherapy, it doesn’t have side effects.
  • It is also very helpful to those with neurological disorders e.g. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, sleeping disorders etc.
  • It is helpful to those with heart problems like high blood pressure and further helps prevent heart failure.
  • It is also effective for the treatment of acne and other skin conditions.

You can find out more at

Why Become An Affiliate?

The health and wellness industry is already a booming one. This is because, people will generally take measures to boost their health or achieve their desired health status.

Then along comes cannabidiol, with all its scientifically proven health benefits and a willing market. To the entrepreneurial minded person, all this screams is business opportunity!

This is because this industry is now the craze and the demand for these CBD products is huge both online markets as well as in physical stores nationwide. With the booming market for these products, you stand to make lots of financial gains by becoming an affiliate.

Some of these arrangements are so good that some of these organizations give between a 25% – 35% commission as pay outs! This is as against the industry standard of paying 10% – 15% as commission pay outs.

How to Join an Affiliate Program

If you are interested in joining this kind of arrangement, it is necessary that you take the following steps which are pretty much basic.

  1. Search for Reputable Organizations: In doing this, you get to find out a lot about a company their system of operation, reputation and the quality of their products.
  2. Make Inquiries: This will allow you get to find out if they run an affiliate program and how they run it. Many of these organizations, like Cheefbotanicals have great affiliate program arrangements.
  3. Ensure It Is What You Want: Yeah, they may have a great system and all, but the decision is yours to make. You should only apply if their process suits you.


There have always existed in the world different forms business and marketing transactions. From the trade by batter system to the open markets and now the online market.

Each of these have always provided opportunities but none can boast of the kind of opportunity that the online market offers. With affiliate marketing, you stand a chance to benefit hugely from a huge and continuously increasing market.

Take a bold step today and reap the benefits for years to come.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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