Julie Southern opened the Sherwood Studios so that she could share her creativity, invention and design ideas with the world. Whilst she started off small this service of hers has gone from strength to strength and she has an amazing studio where she can take some gorgeous photos of you and the family. This is the perfect gift idea or just a great thing to do as a couple or as a family.

There are so many reasons why a photo shoot makes sense and even more why you should look to use the services of Julia and the team at Sherwood Studios. If this is something which interests you, here is why you should give it a go.

Photo Shoots

Photo shoots are not only a fun day out where you can let your hair down and get some amazing model-style shots taken of you and the family, it is also a great way to create some lasting memories of your friends and family. It is all well and good taking photos on your own, but for that real extra bit of class and quality it makes more sense to let the professionals do it. Because they have a far better understanding of light and tone than most of us do, they can take photographs which always portray you in your very best light.

Sherwood Studios

Sherwood Studios originally started out to help people make their images and photos look better which they had taken at home, but it quickly became apparent to Julie that there was a high demand for people who preferred that the studio took their photos and then sent them out once they had been edited and printed out. What Sherwood Studios do so well is to create a great environment where their clients can have a huge range of photos taken, in different settings. This can be used for some very fun and very adventurous photos for you and your family or friends to get involved with.


Whilst the photo shoot is the bread and butter of the business I love the way in which Sherwood Studios also looks to branch out and try different things to keep their customers happy and to bring in new clients. For example I love buying up their Christmas card sets, where they will print a photo of your choosing onto the Christmas cards, then they will send some extras such as seasonal stickers and additional details, which you can then use to adorn your cards and send to your family and friends. This just goes to show what Julie and her team are like, always focused on the details and always looking to personalize what they do.

This is a great place for a photo shoot and a website that you should absolutely check out.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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