As many of you who follow me on this blog know, my two passions are for digital designs and downloads and baking in the kitchen, and sometimes I am able to bring together those two passions, something which I wish to talk about with you all today.

Something which I had never made until recently was cupcakes and whilst I know that they are very much in fashion at the moment, it just felt as though everyone was doing it, which is why I stuck to large cakes. A friend of mine recently asked if I wouldn’t mind making some cupcakes for a party that she was having and so I have spent the last month trying out different recipes and different batches to get things right, needless to say the kids and my hubby have put on about 20 pounds each!

Once I finally got the recipe and method right, I wanted the perfect boxes for them and so I went online to find some awesome templates which I could use. I was once again reminded of why I adore using templates from the web, and this is what I wanted to talk about today, in particular cupcake box templates.


I had made 3 different cupcakes types for my friend’s birthday and so I didn’t want to have to put them all in the same boxes. The problem was however that I didn’t have 10 of each type, but rather 12 of one 8 of another and 6 of another, so buying for example 3 x 10 boxes with different styles would have meant that I had leftovers. With the digital downloads however I could easily print off exactly what I wanted, ensuring no waste at all.

Cost Effective

I have to say that cupcakes seem to be the most expensive thing that I have baked and there are a lot of costs which go in to making a batch of these delicious little cakes. The last thing you need then after shelling out for ingredients, is on numerous boxes in which to put them. This again then is exactly why I was more than happy to download the boxes and print them off onto some plain card, where I could put the cakes without having to blow the budget.

There Forever

Naturally after my friend was happy with her cakes, a couple of more friends asked me to make some for them as well, and I was thankful that I had the box design there and ready for future use. If you use store-bought boxes then you have to go back to the store very single time you need more, whereas all I had to do was open up the computer, print them off and voila. This is by far and away one of the main reasons why I absolutely love to download designs and have them waiting for me should I need them again.

If you are making cupcakes, download the box designs and save yourself time, hassle and money.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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