When tracking someone down from your past is a priority, any thoughts on how best to go about it?

Whether a relative, former co-worker or classmate or someone else; you want answers.

That said, can the free people search sites on the Internet play a role in helping you find where they are?

Using Different Resources at Your Disposal

In finding where someone from your past is here are a few resources to consider before you begin such a search:

1. Turning to the Internet – Have you done any Internet searches for someone missing in your life? In today’s digital age, going online is likely going to be your best bet. When conducting a USA people search online, you could be one step closer to finding your target. That is because many people end up leaving an electronic footprint even if they do not intend to do so. Know that there are websites geared towards recording information on people’s whereabouts. You may find out where the subject of interest lives now or last lived. The same can be true of a phone number, email address and more. You can also give social media a try when online. Look at sites such as Facebook, Instagram and others. The person you want to make contact with could have one or more social profiles. Unless they are private accounts, you can try reaching out to them on social media. With all the Internet has to offer, starting a search there is not a bad idea.

2. Someone in their life – If the web is not of interest or you come up short online, you may try and reach out to one in their life. In looking for a person, do they have any family around you could contact? There also may be a mutual friend you and the individual you want to connect with have in common. Tracking down such leads may be easier. That is given you might have a phone number or email of one the person in question knows. Reach out that person with a possible lead. Unless they have some reason to keep the info private, they may tell you how best to contact one you are looking for.

3. When you do find them – Whether the web route or someone knowing the person etc., what happens if you do find them? Re-establishing a connection with them will hopefully be a smooth thing, especially with the help of pheromones from TruePheromones.com or a similar site. Of course, sometimes there can be cases where people move along for one reason or another. As such, they may not want to get back into some sort of relationship with you. That can be a family relationship, friendship, or even a dating situation. The best thing to do if this occurs is to respect their wishes at the end of the day. Trying to forcibly reconnect with them could lead to issues both you and them do not want to deal with.

In trying to reconnect with someone in your past, is the Internet going to be where you kick things off? 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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