While few are thinking of traveling at the moment, unless daydreaming, millions of people will no doubt resume this most enjoyable of activities as soon as the pandemic is over. You can use this time to plan a trip to Europe, one of the most popular destinations for travelers. Even if you’ve been to Europe before, there are bound to be a few bucket-list worthy places you haven’t visited. The following might be some of them. 

Vorarlberg, Austria

If you love food and nature, you’ll certainly love Vorarlberg. Situated in the westernmost part of Austria, between Germany and Switzerland, Vorarlberg is blessed with an abundance of stunning lakes, rivers, mountains, and world-class cheese. A culinary hike, one of the most exciting things to do in Vorarlberg features the mouthwatering combination of food and nature. While hiking through the stunning mountains you’ll come across several lovely little huts where you can relax and enjoy some beers, cheese, and local food. If hiking is not for you, another thing Vorarlberg is famous for is the architecture. Take a drive through just about any village and take in the gorgeous designs of the churches and local buildings.  

Beaches of Lagos, Portugal

There are several beautiful beaches across Europe but few can match those of Lagos, Portugal. A beautiful, peaceful city with rocky coastlines and entrancing caves, Lagos hosts hundreds of tourists each year. The beaches of Lagos are among the most beautiful anywhere in the world, featuring fascinating rock formations, rugged cliffs, pristine white sands, and brilliant blue waters. Lagos beaches are as perfect for a romantic getaway as they are for quiet relaxation alone with some drinks. Enjoying a smoke in the open beach air might not be feasible as many European cities have either banned smoking in public places or have strict regulations in place. For smokers, a better option is to carry a snusdirect pouch for your tobacco. 

Nimes, France

The city of Nimes has famously been dubbed the Rome of Southern France. Originally established as an outpost of the Roman empire, the city is today dotted with numerous roman monuments which attract thousands of tourists every year and you can drive around with an . Located between the sea and the Cevennes hills, Nimes is an inviting destination for history buffs. With its old towns, parks, gardens, narrow streets, and small museums Nimes has a distinctly classical feel that is probably only matched by Rome or Greece and you can drive there with an International drivers license for France.

Canal Grande, Venice

The 4km long, 60 feet wide waterway in central Venice known as the grand canal is a must see for anyone visiting Italy. A good way to experience the canal is by boat, which takes you past the gorgeous ancient palaces lining the sides of the canal. Another way is to perch atop any of the bridges across the canal and enjoy the burst of activity below. If you’re on a budget though, gondola ferries are available to take you across the canal for less than $6. 

There are so many beautiful places to see in Europe that an entire lifetime is not enough. Traveling in Europe is not about seeing as many places as possible but being in the moment and thoroughly enjoying the few places you’re able to visit. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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