Video games are for absolutely everyone, and the billions and billions of dollars that is collectively spent on it every year proves it. Sure the most popular image is still sitting on a couch with a controller in your hand, either helping Mario jump on koopas or shooting some soldier in a multiplayer match, but there’s a lot more wild and unique ways for you to have fun in the gaming world, and some of them don’t even require a console in your home. Whether you are paying top price for a blockbuster cinematic experience or just cheekily checking out some free sex games on your internet browser, make sure you know some basics.

Mobile Gaming

It should come as no surprise that the market within the video game industry which it is growing the fastest is the one that involves games you play on your phone. After all, unlike Playstations or Nintendo products, everyone has a cell phone, and considering all the other things you can do on it to pass the time, why not fling angry birds or make matches in Candy Crush? Now obviously the sort of games available on your phone won’t be as graphically impressive or have as immersive gameplay. They will be pretty simple and straightforward, the sort of thing you can play a couple quick rounds while waiting for a friend, or watching a semi-interesting movie on your couch. Heck, since even sudoku counts, you’ll find that your parents can even be considered gamers now.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This Nintendo Switch exclusive (meaning you can’t play it on any other system) was a massive hit as soon as it was released. Part of the Animal Crossing series, it is a life simulator game where you spend time building a house and a town that you slowly populate with cute talking animals. You can design and decorate it however you want, and the game gives you many different items to buy with in-game money, which you earn by doing chores. While at first it might not sound as exciting as blowing up demons with a bazooka, it was definitely seen as the perfect bit of escapist entertainment when it was released just when the Coronavirus quarantine orders went global. That meant plenty of people used it as a form of escapist entertainment, and because Nintendo keeps updating it with new challenges and items, you can be sure that it is going to remain a popular title for a long time to come.


The only game that might be more popular than Animal Crossing is Fortnite, and it achieves this by being absolutely free and being available on almost every sort of electronic device, from all major consoles, to PCs and laptops, and even some mobile phones. The premise is simple: You land on an island with one hundred other people and search for supplies and weapons and try to be the last one left alive. In terms of contrast, it is the exact opposite of Animal Crossing, expect for the fact that you can spend real-life money on different costumes and styles, so you can look exactly how you want when you kill an enemy and dance on their grave.

The Future is Virtual Reality

While spending the minimum of one thousand dollars for a VR headset (plus the cost of having a really good gaming PC or laptop) might not be the best financial decision for you right now, you should at least keep this type of gaming in mind. In the next few years, as certain types of goggles and glasses get cheaper, we will find ourselves in a world of augmented reality. This means that our world will look a bit different when we look at it through certain lenses in front of our eyes. The step after that is full-on immersive VR tech, and some current games like Half-Life: Alyx shows us the potential of what is just around the corner.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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