I have been making scrapbooks ever since I can remember and although it was a tough transition, I began to make digital scrapbooks around 3 years ago. I was inspired to do this based on the delightful designs of Etc by Danyale, who makes designs and details which you can add to a digital scrapbook in order to bring it to life. I instantly fell in love with changing this hobby to a digital variety and there are so many benefits which it brings when you do things this way.

I still keep my old scrapbooks of course, but my digital varieties also look great and it has become something of an obsession in recent years. Today then I want to talk about why I love the designs by Danyale and why I would urge any of you out there who enjoy a touch of nostalgia, to get involved with making a digital scrapbook.

The Designs

I actually came across Etc. by Danyale on Facebook and I was instantly attracted. They create digital books which you can add all kinds of little images and styles to, in order to really bring that book to life and put your own personalized touch on it. I hadn’t seen any business quite like Danyale and so I dived in straight away,


I was heartbroken 10 years ago after I lost 2 scrapbooks which I had made when I was younger, and I lost them because of a small fire which we had at home. There is just something incredibly sad about losing all of that work and those memories. This is why when I saw that there was an option to make a digital scrapbook I couldn’t wait, because it is absolutely 100% secure. The scrapbook is not only saved on my own computer but it is also saved in the cloud which means that in truth there is more risk of an asteroid hitting the planet than there is me losing a scrapbook again.


Adding a photo to your scrapbook has never been easier than when you have a digital and there are other benefits beyond that too. Because of the way in which everything is connected, that photo will have the time on it, the date, the location too, which helps you to add a wealth of information to the image, why you were there, who you were with and why it is such an important memory for you.


Something which I have been guilty of in the past when it came to the scrapbook was not putting things in there quickly enough, which of course means that you end up losing memory and then you don’t fill in the information which you probably should. With a digital scrapbook however this is not the case at all and you can add all kinds of information right from your cellphone, to ensure that your scrapbook is full up with accurate information.


Lauren Sanchez - Author

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