betHow To Find The Right Online Bookie For You 

With so many online bookmakers entering the digital sports betting space right now, it stands to reason that sports enthusiasts could experience some confusion when it comes to selecting the right provider.

Newcomers, especially, often don’t know how to go about finding a preferred online sports betting platform – mostly because they’re unsure what to look for.

Below are some handy tips for finding an online bookie that will suit your sports betting needs.

Read The Reviews

A great starting point when looking for the right online bookmaker is to read reviews written by peers and professionals. 

It’s a fact that some sites offer a better experience than others, which is why it’s important to read and compare before choosing an online bookie. There are even websites that will allow you to compare several online bookmakers simultaneously, which provides valuable insight and also saves a great deal of time. 

Punters should also not rely solely on random reviews. Many reviews are written by people who have never even used a specific bookmaker’s platform. For this reason, it is helpful to stick to renowned platforms when reading customer reviews. 

Check Out What’s On Offer

Most punters have a favourite and specific sport in mind that they enjoy betting on. This is why it’s important to ensure that your preferred online bookmaker does indeed offer the opportunity to wager on your favourite sport. 

While most bettors are interested primarily in traditional sports such as football and basketball, others enjoy options like financial markets and Esports. 

In addition to checking out the sports on offer, punters should also check out a bookie’s bonus section. Many bookies offer massive welcome bonus packages that greatly enhance the enjoyment of the sports betting experience. 

Payment Methods 

When choosing an online bookmaker, it is important to check out the available payment methods on offer. 

For example, some bookmakers do not offer the option of paying with your credit card, while others charge an additional commission amount when punters make use of particular payment systems

Customer Service Is Important 

Most bettors are likely to face certain issues or questions at one time or another. For this reason, and mainly to avoid frustration, it is crucial to choose a bookie that is quick to respond to questions. 

Again, reviews posted to forums and community pages can be a great help in this regard. 

Stakes And Markets

While some bettors are happy to wager small amounts, many others want the option of playing big. For high rollers, choosing the right bookmaker is crucial because of the wagering options. 

Variety also comes into play. When choosing the right online bookmaker, be sure to check out whether a variety of Nfl odds and other odds are available, what markets there are for each sport, whether there are wide betting lines available. 

What To Avoid

Below is a list of things to avoid when choosing an online bookmaker: 

  • Blacklisted sites. While many bookmakers try to hide the fact that they have been blacklisted, it is important to rely on an outside source to bring this to your attention. Most of the time, a simple Google search will be enough to alert you of any pitfalls of this nature. 
  • Sites that are slow to pay. Online bookies that don’t pay on time makes for a big red light. These sites should be avoided at all costs. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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