I love finding hand made crafts and things like that online and as much as we are all about the digital world here, we still love the most traditional of goods, albeit sold in a modern and exciting way. That is very much the case with jewelry and in particular this amazing jewelry which are sold through the online store Laitha.

As you can very well imagine it is so difficult in this day and age to create jewelry which is remarkable, because there is just so much on offer. Think about it, when you travel and go to a handmade market, you will see a huge amount of trinkets and jewelry items which are sold low cost and look great, so how could someone like that enter into a very competitive market and hope to get money? The answer is by setting yourself apart and marketing well, and that is just what they do at Laitha. You can find the store through their Facebook page and this is why I absolutely adore their creations.


It must be easy to say that you’ll create jewelry which is a little bit of everything, but at Laitha  they prefer to mix things up. The store has 3 jewelry lines, that is it, and they each have their own unique coloring. When they take a line away, the replace it so that there is always only 3 lines to choose from. The colors which they use at Laitha are absolutely delightful and because  they use natural ingredients to create the colors, there is a real boldness to the blues and the reds which are used and each one looks slightly different, I really love the colors that they create.


Over the last 15 years or so we have seen a huge rise in costume jewelry being worn by men and women who love the way that it looks so real, despite being far cheaper and far poorer quality. There is certainly a time for wearing costume jewelry but there is also a time for wearing some high quality stuff and that is just what you can count on when you buy jewelry from Laitha. They source the very best materials and that is why each piece is well made and sturdy, these will last a lifetime if you look after them.


What really makes the pieces created by Laitha special is that they are really unique, they are well thought out and I have not seen this type of creativity anywhere before. This is why I will keep on going back and buying from Laitha, because there is just so many styles and creations which I adore, and every new piece they come up with seems to be just as good or better than their last.

If you are looking for jewelry online then look no further than this amazing online store which sells some of the finest and well made jewelry which I have been fortunate to find online .

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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