Last year I watched a sensational video with the brilliant health and fitness guru Roger Wolfson, discussing Christmas indulgence. In particular what Roger was discussing is how we shouldn’t just assume that we will be glutinous during the festive period and then look to sort it out in the new year. Roger however was saying that simply because there are times when we will indulge over this time, there is no reason why we should completely give up on any idea of health, and do harm to ourselves in the name of Christmas.

Taking this advice I had a really health conscious time last year and I will be planning to do the same again this year, something which is achievable for us all.

Moments of Indulgence

In the same way that many who work out frequently will have a cheat day, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from indulging once or twice. The point here is that wee take moments or days to indulge, we do not just assume that because it is the festive season, that we should spend 4 weeks eating whatever we like and filling our faces with treats and sweets.

Working Out

Nobody is saying that you have to live like a monk or nun during this period of time but even if you are eating a little more than you normally would, there is nothing to stop you from doing exercise and working out. Even just 30 minutes per day will help you to burn off some of those extra calories which you are eating and help you to stay in better shape. Treat this as the ultimate pleasure and pain exercise, the pleasure is great but you’ll need to do some sweeping in order to truly enjoy it.

Harder Work

Deciding that you are going to get yourself in shape in January like so many do is one thing, yet that is no reason why you should make an already-difficult job even harder. January will be tough anyway, so what would be the purpose of adding extra pounds to that before you get started? Again, it may well be that you add some pounds on but to intentionally eat and behave with reckless abandon during Christmas simply means that your January is going to be so much harder than it needs to be.

Easier Than You Think

If we think about the majority of what we eat during this time, not all of it is unhealthy. Meats and vegetables are at the heart of a lot of this, so too are tasty seasonable fruits. The danger is the presences of sweets and carb heavy bread products. These are the foods which are dangerous to the waistline. The truth is that avoiding these in the main is not too hard, you just have to show a little bit of discipline and you will be absolutely fine.

Indulge a little by all means, but there is no reason to go crazy and gain unnecessary weight during this season.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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