If you look around your life carefully, you will realize that you are entirely dependent on technology. Technology has introduced incredible resources that have made life better and convenient. Over-dependence on technology has caused addiction in some people, but you cannot discredit the positive impact technology has in your life.

1. Enhanced Communication

Communication plays a critical part in the fulfilment of your life. You cannot build relationships without communication. Technology has improved communication to a point where physical distance is no longer a barrier. Social media platforms have revolutionized the whole concept of communication.

You can now video call a friend who is miles away through various platforms. The process requires an internet connection and a device such as a laptop or a smartphone. You can also hold virtual gatherings with a high level of convenience. Technology has also made it easy for people to interact through online platforms. For instance, Americans spend more than 6 hours a day on social media. These are adequate interaction hours that would not be realized without technology.

2. Education Made Easy

Technology has amazingly impacted the education sector. As you can attest, students are easily distracted in a typical classroom. However, technology has provided a platform where a student can learn at their comfort. Learning materials are easily accessible online, which is fun for students and teachers.

Education has also been made more convenient by technology. For example, during the Covid-19 pandemic, many institutions were closed, and some are still closed. Thanks to technology, the pandemic did not bring education to a halt in many parts of the world. Students have been learning through online platforms such as zoom, google meetings, and other video conferencing technologies.

3. Convenient Working

You all would love working from home without strict supervision from your bosses. Technology has made this possible through technological advancement. During the lock-down period, you were required to work from home. The experience was facilitated by advanced technology, and this is a fantastic life experience.

Working has also been made easy and efficient in workplaces by technology. In a typical office, it is easy to transfer files and information across different devices. You can also hold work meetings without physical gatherings. Supervision has also been made easy in workplaces due to technologies such as CCTV cameras.

4. Improved Businesses Operations

Today, every business is dependent on technology in one way or another. Marketing is the primary sector that has been affected by technology. Marketing is currently carried out through social media and other technological platforms. Business deals are also being done online due to improved payment channels around the world.

For example, you can sell products in different parts of the world. Technology has facilitated all the means of transport and payments. Through technology, you can also shop online easily. Online shopping has become the latest trend. Many businesses have made their items readily available online, thus making it easy to shop online.

5. Improved Lifestyle

Technology has made your lifestyle to be easy and comfortable. Many home devices have been introduced to make life more comfortable. You can equip your house with smart home technology. This technology comes with different devices that can be automated. The devices are all connected to the internet.

A good example is the smart speakers. These home speakers are powered by voice assistance such as Alexa. They can receive commands and control other devices in the house. Your house can also be fully automated, where door lighting and cameras can be automated thanks to technology.

6. Information Access

Initially, people would go to libraries to access information. It is different today since technology has made information to be easily accessible. You can access a lot of information online with just a phone and a source of internet. Google provides more than 1.3 million results on roman history in a single search.

People have also created applications for almost everything in life. If you want to go somewhere new, you have a GPS application that provides all the information you need on maps and destinations. Information access makes you knowledgeable at all times. It also makes people desire to learn more about their world. Online certificate iv in information technology networking is a course that can equip you with skills in information technology.

7. Self-health Tracking

You do not have to go to a doctor now and then for a health checkup. Health tracking has been made easy by technology. There are applications that can conveniently monitor your health. They monitor your fitness level, stress, and other health complications. It is also possible to have virtual meetings with your doctor through various technologies.

Technology is advancing, and it will be part of your life forever. It is a two-sided coin where it has a positive side and the negative side. You should embrace the positive side and try to mitigate the negative side at all costs. Technology can be addictive, so it should be handled with care.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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