Many of us have long hoped to have the opportunity to travel more and to see more of the world, but the day to day life often restricts our ability to do so – a regular working schedule means we have to go into the office and leaves us little free time to pursue options to get out more, but this year could see a huge change – as a widespread shift to a more remote working lifestyle is occurring and even talks of a shorter four day work week, we’re now being presented with more options to have flexibility in our working life, and could open the doors for many who may not have had the opportunity in the past to explore life as a digital nomad. 

Changes in recent years have made it much easier than ever before to work remotely – public access to the internet or even faster connections that have become available through 4G or the recent and growing introduction of 5G have meant we’re able to get a fast and reliable connection wherever we are in the world, we’re also able to use our mobile devices as hotspots for other hardware such as our laptops or tablets too and so we’re always able to be online where necessary. Cloud based storage and software has also removed the requirement for a hardwired office connection too – all of the software we need to gain access to for our work and all of the files required are easily accessible and come with little restriction, as such the need to get to the office is much lower than before. 

With the shift to remote working during the ongoing pandemic, this also means that our schedules and flexibility have changed too – whilst you may still be fixed in the times you’re required to work, it may often make little difference if you’re doing so from the comfort of your home office or whilst lounging out on a sunny beach, and if you’re not required to take part in video calls throughout the day, there’s little difference to doing so either! Many people over the years have been able to make a comfortable living with the change and there is plenty of information available here at Digital Nomad World around the best ways to approach this slightly different remote working lifestyle, it is a big change but certainly one that comes with a lot of opportunity. 

If you’ve been looking to experience something different, now may be a great time to start – whilst there may be ongoing travel restrictions for certain places, it may not stop you from being able to give it a trial run without needing to travel internationally, and if you find it’s something you enjoy without moving around too much, you can start to broaden yourself a little and explore all the places you’ve been hoping to, and do so without losing out on time at work either! For many it certainly is a big win-win situation!

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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