When you are planning to sell your house, you may opt to stage it so as to sell faster. It makes a buyer start imagining their life in it, and if it is impressive enough, why not close the deal and buy the house? 

So, What Is House Staging?

House staging is when a seller strategically furnishes a house while adding incredible decorations to make it look its best. The process may require you as a seller to pair or refresh your belongings to achieve that new look. Sometimes you might even be forced to rent furniture and decorations if you are not convinced that your stuff will serve the purpose. This means that you remove your things and replace them with the rented ones.

It may cost between $200 and $2,000, but the charge depends on the type of furniture you are bringing to the house and the amount of work involved. This is a very tedious and costly process, which is why some homeowners wonder whether it is worth it or not. Sometimes the answer will depend on how impressive you are with your house staging process. Here are a few tips that can help you out.

  • Understand why you are staging your house so as to do it in the right way. Maybe you want to sell faster, or perhaps you want to increase its price.
  • Make sure that you have thoroughly de-cluttered the house. It makes it look spacious and, of course, clean.
  • Make repairs where needed. You do not want to miss a sale to a buyer who was already impressed, simply because the roof is leaking.
  • Aim to achieve a bright outlook. Think about natural lighting or anything that makes every room seem bright — it boosts the appearance.
  • Identify essential rooms in the house and stage them in the right way. This is necessary when you cannot afford to stage all the rooms, or you find it pointless. For instance, correctly decorating the living room can earn you the points as compared to the kitchen.
  • Decide the furniture you need to remove and those that need replacement through renting.
  • Arrange everything nicely. Whether it is your old stuff or you have brought new ones, make sure they are properly arranged.
  • Do not forget the exterior parts of your home. A buyer will see the outside first, and if it is not appealing, they might not desire to see the newly staged living room. Get them interested by staging the exteriors as well.
  • A little finishing touch on the inside wouldn’t be a bad idea. Add some fresh flowers in the vases, nicely folded towels in the bathroom, or a bowl full of fresh fruits on the dining table. Do this when your real estate agent informs you of a potential buyer who is coming to see the house.

Now that you have gotten some tips on how to perfectly stage your house learn some reasons why it is necessary. If it still feels hard to DIY, consider asking for the help of a professional.

Benefits of Staging a House

A Probable Quick Sale

The main reason why most homeowners would stage a house is to help them sell their home faster. By faster, it also means selling without compromising the price they had set either before staging or after. It has proven to work for many because every buyer will likely get a good impression of the house as compared to how it would be with no staging. This is the whole point of home staging — presenting your house when it looks the best so as to sell faster and at a reasonable price.

It Justifies Your Price

It would be challenging to convince a buyer to close a deal for your home if it’s dirty, has old stuff all over, and there are obvious issues that they will have to address. The buyer will have so much power to bargain while pointing out every small issue they notice. This won’t be the case if you go for home staging. The house will be in its best shape and sparkling with bright and beautiful decorations. You give yourself high bargaining power through home staging. It is easier to justify the price you set even if it’s higher than the market price of a similar house.

It Makes the House Seem to Be in Excellent Condition

As part of staging a home, repairs may be part of the whole process if anything is broken or is not working correctly. Therefore, when a potential buyer comes for inspection, they will not find any reason not to buy it. They will get the impression that you have taken good care of your home, even if that is not the whole truth. Repairs, new painting, and decorations will create an impression of a well-maintained home. It’s also a good idea to get pest control services from somewhere like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/aptive/georgia/ to check the house and remove any pests they find. The last thing you want is for a rat to scurry past just as you invite potential buyers into your home!

Staging a Home Makes It Look Bigger

Staging a home involves de-cluttering and removing some stuff if they occupy the space unnecessarily. By doing this, you are maximizing the usable space in the house, and many buyers love spacious homes. That said, staging a house makes it look larger, providing a good flow in each room. No one wants to keep bumping on oversized furniture when walking around the house. This is the exact problem you solve by staging your home.

Sets You Apart From Competitors

One fact you must keep in mind when selling your home is that house supply and demand hardly balances in the United States. You will always see homes on sale but not enough buyers. This means that you ought to be different from other sellers to earn a deal. That said, staging your home sets you apart from your competitors — it stands out from most of the houses they have seen before coming to see yours. The other way you can stand out is by reducing the price of the home below the market standard, and this is not a good idea. Even if you are not selling it at a loss; you could have made a lot more than what you are getting now.

Allows Potential Buyers to Imagine Themselves Living in the House

When you were living in the house, you may have customized it entirely to meet your style and make you feel at home. This is okay, but now that you are selling it, staging the house by bringing a neutral but beautiful look would be a good idea. Let potential buyers come and decide the things they want to customize. For instance, you do not want to leave your family photos all over the house — it may become harder for a buyer to connect to the home. Therefore, neutralize everything, including the decorations, to allow a buyer to have a personal imagination and connection to the house.


If you want to sell your home faster than anyone else in the market, you got to push yourself to be a better seller. Be different by staging your home before listing it for sale. Some homeowners usually see the whole process as time-consuming and costly. They fail to see the big picture, which is a quick sale and at a significant price.

Do not hesitate to stage your home if you are convinced that it will create an excellent first impression to any potential buyer. There is a lot more to win than to lose. However, make sure you do it the right way to avoid getting the wrong results and regret the expensive mistakes later. Your real estate agent must have helped a seller to stage a house before — rely a lot on their help and guidance.

If it feels expensive to stage a home, you can also try digital staging. This is where you make videos and pictures of your house while ensuring they look the best. It may not work as actual staging, especially when a buyer comes to the door, but it is better than nothing. At least it will rule potential buyers to see your house. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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