Opting for a stone texture when making your vinyl flooring decision can lead to the feeling of a more open, cleaner, and more luxurious space.

When people think of stone-styled flooring they think of murky grey stone which have been dug up from the dirt, but this is not the case. Stone vinyl flooring brings you an abundance of options. Let’s explore them in more detail.

Lovely Limestone

It’s no wonder that limestone vinyl flooring has become a renowned choice amongst homeowners. Limestone has the power to give your interior more a more subtle edge and characteristic feel than regular stone floorings. It also works with various styles of furnishings more easily than others.

Perfect Porcelain

Why not make your bathroom into a soothing area of relaxation at the end of a long day with porcelain styled vinyl flooring

When working with fixtures made of metal, wood, or glass which is common in bathroom’s, then choosing porcelain flooring will help you maintain minimalism and enhance the other features such as your bath and sink. 

Vinyl flooring also means you’re protected in your bathroom with anti-slip properties and moisture resistant tiles, so that neither you nor your flooring are going to end up as victims from wet surfaces.

Stunning Stone

It’s easy for stone designs to look rushed and lacking continuity when installed in large spaces. So why not opt for a perfectly manufactures version of the real thing.

Replica stone styles in the form of vinyl flooring bring the great resilience of vinyl to any space, leaving you with effortlessly sleek look. Usually, this style is chosen for bathrooms, but some also admire it against marble worktops in the kitchen. 

Silky Slate

For those who prefer a look with more depth or like to play around with contrast and monochrome styles then slate is the material for you.

It’s the road less travelled in the flooring world. Slate is distinctive and can push your style options into a new dimension with the options for silver or black and layering patterns. Your guests will be astounded by the uniqueness of your choice and the durability in the replica of a material which is usually fragile and requires consistent upkeep.

Have a word with the experts

If you’re still weighing up your options, then maybe it’s time to have a word with the experts and get a professional opinion. Flooring experts will not only advise you on the flooring that works best in a specific area of the home but also which will work best with the style you have in mind.

Amtico are longstanding vinyl flooring stockists which have a leading presence in the market and have supplied the UK with vinyl flooring for many years. Signature, Form, and Decor ranges are hosts to wood, slate, and stone flooring to form the setting for the perfect family home.

Luvanto is something to be admired by those who like a cosmopolitan lifestyle. If it’s urban or chic city living, then your family is going to relish Luvanto’s layering pattern options. Parquet, Design, and Herringbone ranges are what makes Luvanto such a versatile brand.

Invictus is the ideal choice if you want to play around with borders to create a feeling of irresistible grandeur and detail. Optimus, Maximus, Maximus Click offer all of this along with a whole host of durability elements which aren’t found in authentic flooring materials. 

By opting for stone vinyl flooring in your bathroom, kitchen or hallway means your home will encompass beautiful design replicas of natural elements and long-lasting protection against moisture and scratches, which will help you feel carefree and relaxed when you have guests over. 

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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