Nowadays, we’re not happy taking the same boring trips over and over, we like something new! And in these busy times, when we are confronted with so many possible destinations, we don’t want to settle for just one place during our holiday. That’s why your next holiday should consist of motorhome hire and a road trip! This will let you tick numerous stops off your bucket list, and can be made super easy using travel apps. We have apps for almost everything nowadays, so pull out your phone and download the following tools for your next motorhome road trip.


1.  Waze

An ideal road trip app, Waze keeps you up to date on everything you need to know for your route. It’s better than Google Maps, as it has more relevant information on nearby collisions, police radar and traffic jams. This allows you to safely avoid these routes and arrive without any delay. They use social interaction, so you can see the tried and tested ways to get to your destination. You can even compare petrol prices at different stations, ensuring you don’t waste money by stopping two minutes earlier. Waze is the best travel app to save money and time.

2.  Spotify

Does this count? I think so! Because even if you use Spotify already, you may not know the full extent of possibilities on it. With a premium account you can avoid ad’s and listen to music without wifi. This lets you download songs or podcasts to enjoy on the road. Podcasts are a great way to learn and enjoy whilst driving. Podcasts apps can be quite expensive, so why not pay the small fee for Spotify instead? They also have their own great playlists, which can introduce you to new music whilst on the road.

3.  Yelp

Instead of getting the advice of only one friend, get the advice of hundreds of thousands through Yelp! This crowdsourced review forum allows you to check out different restaurants, bars, shops and more. It’s ideal for getting a meal in an unknown city. You can even see prices and compare by cost. Don’t ruin your road trip with a single bad meal, when you can avoid it using Yelp.

4.  Roadtrippers

Consider Roadtrippers to be your complete planner in a pocket, everything you need in a simple click. Looking for a diner or restaurant along the way? Checking for a national park for your hike? Want to take a break from driving at a scenic point of interest? Roadtrippers has it all! I especially like that it allows you to plan your trip in the app prior to the journey, saving the route and locations to make it easier on the day. If your road trip buddies download the app, you can share the plan with them and allow them to feedback or edit accordingly. This also means that you can sync your route across multiple devices, a backup in case your own phone runs out of battery during your trip!

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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