When it comes to the purchase of a CBD gummy Austin TX store owner Misha understands perfectly why this is the better choice for so many who like the benefits which CBD can offer. Misha is also quick to point out that a number of the claims made about CBD may not be accurate, or at the very least they are yet to proven and this is why we have to read with caution when we discuss those benefits. Nonetheless it is crystal clear that this particular cannabinoid is a great option for those who are suffering from epilepsy, those who have anxiety issues, PTSD and for those who have chronic pain or insomnia.

If you suffer from any of these and you would like to try out CBD to see if it can help with your problems then gummies are a great way for you to do so, and here are just a few reasons which Misha gave as to why her customers prefer gummies to oil.

Easy to Take

Usually you will find CBD in oil drops which you leave under the tongue, or you will take a pill to swallow, neither of these are to everyone’s taste. With a gummy however, you just pop it in your mouth, chew and enjoy and then swallow, hey presto. The ease of taking the product is a big benefit for so many who use it.

Body Benefit

The worst accusation which you could make at a gummy is that the sugar will harm your teeth, beyond that this is a super safe way of ingesting CBD. Some vape the product which of course harms the lungs, a far better way is to eat it. When you do so, you can count on a longer lasting effect from the product too.

Easy to Dose

Smoking CBD or even taking droplets can be a bit tricky to dose. Now whilst there is no chance that you can take too much CBD, or at least it won’t be harmful if you do, the best idea is to take what you are comfortable with. When you eat gummies it is very simple for you to know how much you are taking because each gummy features an exact amount. This helps you to stay on track and to just take enough to help you out.


One of the biggest positives of taking gummy CBD products is that they can be eaten very discreetly. There is no way that someone will be able to tell if you are eating a CBD product or a basic gummy. Now whilst there is no legal reason why you should be hiding this, many people simply don’t want others to know their business and so a small pack of gummy sweets in your pocket or your handbag makes for the perfect way to take your CBD without any questions being asked.

If you are interested in CBD, this is a great way to get started.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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