If you want to start vaping then the best advice which we can give you is to always ensure that you get the very best tobacco vape juice which you are able to. There is a temptation to give in to lower cost products but in the main these provide a low quality experience and they should be avoided. The beauty of vaping, no matter what kind of instrument you have with which to do so, is that you can put any type of liquid in and still be able to vape it. This gives users the chance to switch and change between flavors and products.

Whilst there is this flexibility, looking for the highest quality is always the best idea and here is exactly why.

Depth of Flavor

Something which you can certainly count on when you get the best quality liquids is depth of flavor. The idea of being able to get flavor in this way is only achievable through vaping, cigarettes for example could never achieve it. In spite of this however if you pick up low quality liquids then you will find that they are also low quality with regards to flavor and there will be no depth to the flavor which you are vaping.


Believe it or not you could actually select a low cost product and find that it is actually more expensive in the long run. This is because those products are made with lower quality ingredients which burn faster and offer a much harsher sensation. It is not just this but you lose so much of the vape because of the speed which it burns. As the liquid burns quicker, you end up losing so much of that liquid and you have to buy again before you even know it. A higher quality product, even if it is higher cost, will be able to provide you with more value for money than you can get from a low cost and low quality product.


Generally speaking we have seen that from a health perspective vaping is infinitely better than smoking cigarettes. With this being said however there are some vape liquids which have been shown to be slightly dangerous and this is because they are poor and low quality products. The best quality vape liquids offer absolutely no danger whatsoever and the only problems which we have seen have come from very poor quality products.

Ultimately the better than quality of the product, the better it is able to deliver a long lasting and enjoyable vape to the user. The experience is better and in actual fact we find that in the longer term the cost too is significantly lower than a poor quality product. There are some absolutely wonderful vape liquids on the market yet sadly there are also some questionable ones as well, be sure that you are focusing on getting the best quality liquid available to you.

Lauren Sanchez - Author

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